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This weekend, San Isidro launches its women’s futsal and men’s basketball tournaments | What’s Up Web

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Club Atlético Boulogne will dress up as host this weekend, as part of the start of two sports tournaments: women’s futsal and a men’s basketball home run, events that can be attended free of charge.

The games will have their kickoff this Saturday, October 30 from 1:30 p.m., at the club located at Avenida Rolón 2248, with the “San Isidro Futsal Femenino Cup”, a proposal that will be held for the first time in the district.

The contest will have the participation of the Club Atlético Boulogne itself, added to the Club Social Boulogne, Club Estrella de Martínez, and the Sociedad de Fomento Unión Vecinal Progreso Santa Rita. The matches for the categories over 18 years will be 30 minutes, divided into two 15-minute halves.

Under the single elimination modality, two qualifying matches will be played, then the third and fourth place will be defined, and the grand final will be played. “A short tournament that defines a champion that same day is very attractive. It is an initiative that is here to stay ”, they say in the Municipality, who also reported that all participating players will be awarded medals.

The municipal coordinator, Macarena Possession, He said that the idea is to promote activities with a view from inclusion, participation, and seeking to generate transformations. “For this reason, now we are adding the girls to futsal,” he said.

The day will continue this Saturday from 7:30 p.m., with the first date of a basketball home run. The tournament will have the modality of all against all, then playoffs with semifinals and final.

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From the commune they explained that beyond soccer, they seek to spread other sports such as basketball and that the boys “know that they have clubs with a tradition in this sport.” And above all to value the fundamental role that neighborhood clubs provide. “They are integrators of society and the transmission of values,” they pointed out.

In addition, every Saturday two games will be played, one at 7:30 p.m. and another at 9:30 p.m. The 9 de Julio Club, the Beccar Social Club, the National Development Bank Club (BaNaDe) of Martínez, and the Boulogne Athletic Club will participate.

After the kickoff at Club Atlético Boulogne, the next dates for the San Isidro Men’s Basketball Cup will be played at Club 9 de Julio.

Neighbors interested in attending sporting events must wear masks and respect social distancing.

Schedule of the San Isidro Men’s Basketball Cup:

– Saturday October 30. Date 1

19.30: July 9 vs. Soc.Beccar

21.30: Banade vs At.Boulogne

– Saturday 6 November. Date 2

19.30: Soc.Beccar vs At.Boulogne

21.30: Banade vs 9 de Julio

– Saturday 20 November. Date 3

19.30: Banade vs Soc. Beccar

21.30: At. Boulogne vs 9 de Julio

– Saturday November 27. Date 4


19.30: 1 vs 4

21.30: 2 vs 3

– Sunday, December 5. Date 5

19.00: 3rd. position (losers)

21.00: 1st place (winners)


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