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“Things are not working out for us but we are a strong locker room”

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Iker Seguín, captain of SD Amorebieta / Mireya Lopez

The Amorebieta is measured today in El Alcoraz to a Huesca in low hours with the need to add a victory that changes its dynamics

The Amorebieta continues to have several pending tasks on the list of things to improve this season. The Blues, a team with a marked competitive DNA, are seeing how they are hitting their faces again and again, day by day, for details that do not allow them to take a little breather in qualifying. Those of Iñigo Vélez will try to fish in a troubled river in El Alcoraz, trying to take advantage of the instability of a Huesca that will have a new tenant on the bench, Xisco Muñoz. In this he trusts, like everyone else, the captain of the Urritxe team, Iker Seguín.

– How is the dressing room after the last setbacks in Lezama?

– Well, a little crestfallen because things are not going as we would like. There is always that hook that you don’t win, you don’t win, and it costs you more. But is normal. Just as last year you earned with little, this year it is costing. But we are a strong locker room. We already think only of looking forward and trying to beat Huesca. El Alcoraz is a nice place to start winning

– The Amorebieta has gotten into a complicated dynamic of results. You have not won from the third day.

– We are competing well, but for small details, because they win or draw you and you go with the face of a fool. This has been the case in recent games. Those details, individual failures or lack of experience are making us miss points. If you look back, it is true that we could have four more points. We would be in the same situation but seeing things differently.

– The areas are being key, but against them. It is difficult for them to mark and they fit too easy.

– It’s true. To score, we have to have five good chances, and I fall short. And back, at the slightest failure they plug it in. There is the difference, because in many games we have been very good and up to par. But those little details …

– From inside the locker room, what is the diagnosis that is made?

– We have to look on the bright side. With what we have done it is worth us, so we have to do a little better so that the points arrive. Nobody likes to lose, of course. We know that many of us are new to the category, and the important thing is that we are competing, but also the points.

– What do you need to finish reaching that turning point that makes you reverse the dynamics?

– I wish we knew. By game it is not being, we return to the small details. We must correct them because they are hurting us a lot. We have to get to that point where on the few occasions that they believe us, they don’t mark us so much.


– In addition to sports, it is also a very tough campaign for you on a mental level.

– Not winning makes you wonder why you don’t win. But we are aware that we are new, that this is very long and that we are doing things well, it is not that we are a disaster. Soccer, in the end, are results, and as soon as you get something positive it will give you more confidence to play, for the dressing room, for everything.

– They face a new game away from home, where it is costing them much more to add.

– It is another thing to improve that we have. In Second, it is more noticeable that being a local or a visitor. At home it is true that we are doing better. But our problem, I insist, is that we do many things well but also things that are bad, and that must be corrected.

– They visit Huesca, which has a new coach. Does that change the way you prepare for the game?

– We go to Huesca with the idea of ​​winning. More than thinking about them, we are thinking about ourselves. They do have a new coach, we’ve seen videos… but it’s going to be one more game. They will have that motivation, each player will give their best. It will be a difficult game, just like everyone else. If we win, we stick our nose out a bit. We have a beautiful month, you have to take it as a challenge.


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