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They want to eliminate Sportivo’s tennis courts

by archysport

The tennis courts of the Club Sportivo Pilar will have the hours counted at the headquarters on Avenida Mrquez and they were left in the middle of the controversy with the discomfort of several partners.

Although from the CDirective omission of the club pointed out that the activity will not be eliminated but relocated, it is not specified in what place or who will be in charge, in any case, of building new fields. It is clear that the club no longer has space at its headquarters for this.

Upon hearing the news, Several members expressed themselves on social networks and expressed their discomfort because they were never notified or consulted about the elimination of an activity so closely linked to the club. The criticisms generated a reaction from the Sportivo authorities, led by the interim president, Diego Lorge, who this Wednesday is scheduled to meet with a group of partners.

The club has been developing a project in recent years, in which the space that this outsourced activity occupies today is involved, it is in an advanced state, highlights the Sportivo letter.

In the place occupied by the two tennis courts, the club intends to build a sports court, intended for other activities such as football and basketball, disciplines that already occupy other spaces in the institution of Toms Mrquez 1111.

The growth of the club is imminent, necessary and urgent, so we see inevitable the use of existing spaces in the club, they add on the CD, leaving no doubt about the destination they want to give to both tennis courts.

We invite anyone who wants to know more about this project, the progress of the club and the relocation of Tennis, to come to the establishment and request a meeting with the Board of Directors, we will gladly receive them and answer all their questions, concludes the letter.

The news about the sport that has been rooted in the institution for 50 years and will no longer have space on the Avenue, generated multiple reactions on social networks as well as from members who were not aware of the news.

For this reason, parents of the players who attend the club to practice tennis will have a meeting with the Board of Directors this Wednesday to learn more about the future of sport at the institution.

Sportivo had already lost a tennis court in the 90s, which became the indoor gym where baby football such as futsal and women’s volleyball are.

In the midst of all these changes, Luis Aguirre, the professor who has been at the forefront of sport at Rojo for three decades, is left without activity. Trainer of several generations of players and who had put Sportivo back in the interclub of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) after 35 years without competition.

Currently between 50 and 60 people use the club’s pitches, most of them boys. Far from being an elitist sport, in Sportivo and at the hands of Aguirre, tennis always had a social character.


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