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They trained thinking about the National

by archysport

More than 30 judocas participated days ago in a rigorous training carried out at the Sil-Ca Dojo in our city (directed by Sensei Rubén Tello) and whose objective was to intensify the preparation for the Argentine Championship that will be held in a few weeks in Villa Carlos Paz.

In addition to the Villamarian schools, other schools from Santiago del Estero, Río Cuarto and Vicuña Mackenna participated.

During this training the judocas performed precompetitive work, speed techniques, combination techniques and randoris (freestyle).

The judokas await with great expectation the completion of the Nacional that will take place in Villa Carlos Paz, taking into account that it has not been held since 2019.

Black belts also participated in preparation for the National, which will be in November, in Villa Carlos Paz, for three categories: Under-18, Under-21 and Seniors.

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