They investigate a judo and martial arts teacher from Elche for sexual abuse of 11 girls

Two of the eleven alleged victims of the abuses are in psychological treatment for conduct disorders due to the events reported. It was precisely the anomalous behavior of one of the young women that aroused the first suspicions among the staff of the school where she studies.

The investigated judo teacher denies the alleged abuses, but is in prison in Fontcalent from September 8. Last week, the investigating court number 3 of Elche ratified the imprisonment agreed by another court that was on duty when it was brought to justice.

Investigators from the Elche Judicial Police Brigade keep their investigations open in order to locate more victims, since they suspect that surely the teacher could have allegedly abused more female students, according to the sources consulted.

The gym of the denounced teacher is closed and the National Police of Elche has requested that the cessation of activity in said establishment and the disqualification of the judo and martial arts instructor from teaching minors be officially agreed.

The investigation began after the Elche Police Station received a complaint for allegeds sexual abuse to a minor when I was about eight years old. The accused was a well-known martial arts teacher and judo monitor who has had a gym in Elche for a long time. a little over three decades and the complainant revealed that she suffered touching their private parts So what I had not been the only one who suffered the alleged abuse.

The agents of the Elche Judicial Police Brigade began their investigations to identify more victims to take their statements as injured but they found an added difficulty, since some of them are the daughter of friends of the now jailed judo teacher and some parents too They went to the same gym, according to sources close to the investigation.

However, the investigators were collecting data and the complaints were increasing until arriving at a total of eleven.

The National Police detained the judo and martial arts teacher and after decreeing his entry into prison by the Elche guard court on September 8, the Investigative Court number 3 of Elche, in charge of directing the investigation, rejected his placement last week. on provisional liberty and decided to maintain his situation of deprivation of liberty.

In addition to the lustful touching, one of the complainants He claims that he forced him to masturbate him on one occasion.

The complaints also include different behaviors of exhibitionism, since the teacher had his wardrobe next to that of the minors and the victims they claim that he showed them his penis, among other actions reported by the students.

For the court investigating the case, there are rational indications of newand continuing offenses of minor sexual abuse, a crime of sexual abuse of a minor and another from exhibitionism.




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