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They complete with the arch a historical sculpture of Plaza Moreno

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The figure of “El Arquero” in full replacement of the missing piece / EL DIA

With a history of mysteries and incomplete for years in its exhibition in Plaza Moreno, the sculpture “El Arquero”, which points towards the Cathedral from 14 and 53, has just been restored with the replacement of the arch, part of the missing piece since 1979.

“The Archer”, also called “Hercules de Bordel”, is a work by Troiano Troiani (he was born in Udine, Italy, in 1885, and died in Buenos Aires in 1963). Based in this country since 1914, the artist sculpted several statues that were commissioned for the celebrations of the centenary of Independence.

This figure of Plaza Moreno was made in bronze in 1924, and for unknown reasons it was not placed in the emblematic geographical center of the City until 1970. A detail that accounts for the time difference between the modeling of the statue and the invoice of the base where it rested is that the support, covered in marble, is of a more modern style. “It is clear that it responds to another artistic language”, explained the general director of Preservation of the Heritage of the Commune, Roberto Ciafardo.

The work of recomposing the arch was in charge of a municipal team of restorers that he directs, in the “hospital of the statues” (this is how they say to the house that Pedro Benoit used as a workshop at the time of the founding of La Plata and that places in the center of Parque Saavedra) the sculptor and teacher of the Faculty of Arts, Eduardo Migo.

The task consisted of reconstructing the arch from photographic records; the scale was taken one by one and a simile was made to the one in the images.

An account of years that revolved around El Arquero tells that it had been a “Masonic” decision to aim the shot at the Cathedral. Ciafardo is inclined to think that it is more of a myth than a historical fact. “It is hard to believe that a military government like that of Onganía has thrown itself against the Church like this,” said the architect.


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