The XXXIX School Games of Aragon begin with 35 sports modalities

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports launches this year 2021-2022 the XXXIX edition of the Sports Games in School Age of Aragon, which this year brings together 27 sports federations representing a total of 35 sports modalities. The General Directorate of Sports of the Government of Aragon organizes these games annually, with the collaboration of Ibercaja and local entities and the technical assistance of the sports federations.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Felipe Faci, accompanied by the General Director of Sports, Javier de Diego, has presented this Wednesday this program within the framework of the reception to the Aragonese national teams and federations who participate in the 2021 Spanish School Age Championships, organized by the Higher Sports Council (CSD). The counselor has highlighted that in the School Games of Aragon follow “pedagogical criteria appropriate to each age, prioritizing their participatory and educational nature over merely competitive criteria ”.

During the event, three young Aragonese athletes were also given a voice. María Delgado (swimming), María Laborda (climbing) and Teresa Santolaria (athletics) have shared their experiences in the world of sport with the audience.

The 2019-2020 season brought together some 35,000 registrants. Due to the health situation, the number of players was reduced to 24,000 schoolchildren in the 2020-2021 academic year. However, for this XXXIX edition it is expected to again reach the figure of 35,000 participants, which shows the recovery of trust by families in the activities that take place in the educational environment. So far, around 11,200 schoolchildren have already signed up, but it must be borne in mind that many of the sports modalities offered have not yet started the work for this course.

The School Games are not only a way to promote physical activity and sports among the youngest, but they aree is about a “tool for students to grow in values”, Faci has remarked. This program is aimed at schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 16, which are divided into six categories (Pre-initiation, Initiation, Benjamin, Alevín, Infantil and Cadet).

Family photo of the presentation of the XXXIX School Age Sports Games, with the presence of the counselor Felipe Faci

In all categories and ages called the educational and training component must prevail, regardless of the type of practice or sport carried out. In addition, in the lower categories, a series of indications are established to prioritize even more that educational and playful component, with a participatory character typical of the school context, over the merely competitive one.

In this way, in team sports up to the Children’s category (included), a maximum difference in points or goals per matches between teams will be defined, which will be reflected in the minutes, while Up to the Alevín category, it must be guaranteed that all athletes registered in the minutes will have a minimum period of participation, which, in team sports, may not be less than a quarter of the total time of the match.

The sports modalities participating in this XXXIX edition are: chess, athletics, badminton, basketball, handball, baseball, traditional sport, datchball, fencing, futsal, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, field hockey, indoor hockey, judo, karate, kickboxing, olympic wrestling, mountaineering climbing, CXM mountaineering, swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, orienteering, bladecross skating, cone skating, rowing, rugby, salvage and lifeguard, taekwondo, table tennis, triathlon, volleyball and beach volleyball.

Aragonese participation in the national championships

The presentation of the XXXIX School Age Sports Games was held during the reception of the different Aragonese federations and teams that are part of the Aragonese representation in the Spanish School Age Championships). Faci thanked them for carrying “the Aragón brand” throughout the national territory. Specifically, the Community has had a presence in the swimming competitions (Junior-Infant, Adapted and Inclusive), chess, volleyball, road cycling, BTT (Cadet), triathlon (Infantile, Cadet and Inclusive), climbing (Infantile and Cadet). ), table tennis (Infant, Cadet and Inclusive), beach volleyball (Infant and Cadet), beach handball (Infant and Cadet), wheelchair basketball and badminton (Infant, Cadet and Inclusive). Likewise, it will participate in the orientation (Infant and Cadet), cross country (Youth, Adapted and Inclusive), and judo (Infant and Cadet, Adapted and Inclusive) championships

What’s more, in 2021 Aragon has hosted wheelchair basketball competitions, held in Zaragoza, and will host the orientation championship, Infant and Cadet levels, which will take place in Daroca from October 15 to 17.




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