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The Warriors are testing a completely WTF player, Steph Curry reacts!

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If the rosters are now complete, the franchises do not hesitate to test players during the season, in the event of injuries. The last player tested by Golden State, however, has an unusual CV! Even Steph Curry gave his opinion on the subject!

Jonathan Amey’s name certainly doesn’t ring a bell, and that’s okay. He is, after all, just a Warriors security guard! And yet, the latter made headlines in the Bay recently. Indeed, the guy tried to join the G-League team of Dubs, based in Santa Cruz! Former intramural player at the university, he even had the right to a work-out organized by the franchise.

A pretty mind-blowing story, but his efforts unfortunately did not bear fruit. Indeed, the young man of 26 years was not selected, thus seeing his hopes go up in smoke. However, as he explained to Associated Press, he does not regret having tried. On the contrary, he keeps only the positive and considers having done all he could:

The Warriors put their security guard to the test

The experience was sufficient. It was a great experience to be able to play at a professional level and have the opportunity to do something that most people would love to have the opportunity to do. I didn’t think I would get the chance, so I was like, “Hey, if the offer is there, go for it.”

We can’t take that away from him, Amey is completely realistic about his situation. He saw an opportunity to show off and he took a chance, whatever the outcome. The mere fact of trying is impressive in itself, something the members of Steve Kerr’s group won’t deny. Also interviewed by AP on the subject, Stephen Curry did not mince his words:

It shows how encouraging, motivating and unifying basketball is for him, who stepped forward and participated in a tryout. He said his jump shot needed to be improved. He’s a bit critical of himself, but we’ve given him the confidence to keep trying and keep a good attitude. I like the fact that he took the plunge because it is not an easy task. So, well done to Jonathan.

Very nice words from the Chef, who salutes the attitude of the person concerned. Now Amey will resume her job as a security guard. However, we would not be surprised if the Chase Center reserves a small tribute to him for his courage. He deserved it! Maybe it’ll even serve as a lucky charm for Golden State, whose next home game is against the Hornets.

Big respect to Jonathan Amey, who tried an unusual bet in the NBA. When you receive compliments from Steph Curry, it’s because you’ve earned it!

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