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The very ugly trash-talke between two former Lakers last night!

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In a meeting between Washington and Boston, Montrezl Harrell took the opportunity to find the road of Dennis Schroder. Obviously, it’s not the crazy love between the two given the trash-talke that will follow. Atmosphere.

Last year, the Lakers did not do better than a first round of the playoffs, the fault of the Suns. Montrezl Harrell, present on the bench, quickly wanted to leave the franchise, unhappy with his role. He won his case with a departure from the Wizards, in the famous trade of Russell Westbrook. Good for him, because the atmosphere was clearly not healthy in the locker room.

We could see that on Saturday evening. No, the Wizards did not face the Angelinos, but the Celtics, where there is now a certain Dennis Schroder. The latter is in great, very great difficulty and we could see it during this game, won by Washington on the score 115-112, after two overtime.

Montrezl Harrell attacks Schroder in the middle of a match!

To better understand what happened, we have to go back to the start of the game, when Harrell is already walking around in the Boston racket. He is in a duel at the post with Schroder, then performs a single spin move to easily mark towards the circle. On the way back, he took the opportunity to qualify his former teammate.

Yes, that’s the word trash who is employed, and as you know, he is not very nice. Let’s say that Harrell doesn’t congratulate Dennis on his qualities in basketball, and especially in defense. He gets beaten too easily on this action, and it costs a lot on the finish line for the Celtics.

Overall, Harrell continued his momentum with 20 points 6/14 shooting, in addition to 14 rebounds. A good match for the pivot, who has been shining since the start of the season. Schroder on the other hand only scored 6 points in 42 minutes. This is to say the problem present in Boston at the moment.

Nice atmosphere between Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell, who obviously don’t like each other. We better understand the problems of the Lakers last year, and the mistake of Frank Vogel not to have played the pivot more often. There will be regrets.

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