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The ungovernable (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

by archysport

Whispers and moans, curses, praises, begs and conjures: sports reporter Günther Koch

“And now, amal, watch out! Now the doorbell is ringing! But I still have five twenty meters! Schweinsteiger! No twenty meters! Sixteen meters to go! Must play the ball or shoot! I told you, so do it. Trallala. 3-0. He could have handed in too. But he sucked himself in: They were all there. It was Ballack’s turn, Makaay’s turn. I am the Schweinsteiger! And I’ll do it 3-0! And you heard it on the radio … “

… Schweinsteiger’s first Bundesliga club to 3-0 Bayern against Hertha (2003). Illustrated for the radio by Günther Koch, the reporter who was celebrated in the features section and put on stage like no one before him. Documented by Jürgen Roth in a book portrait that he presented to his friend on his eightieth birthday, »We are reporting from the abyss. Günther Koch – a life as a football reporter «is the motto.

The »part-time Franconian«, writer and former (?) Bayern fan Roth built the book on live reports. You can hear the delusional word creator in the original Bavarian tone at his appearances, the Stern Described in 2001 as follows: »Koch changes rhythm, timbre, tempo. Taste the vowels like others a tankard of beer (…). He whispers and moans. Scolds, praises, begs, conjures. Whines, rejoices. Be silent. Screams, moans: Toarr! “

Koch is a trained Franconian, refugee child, grew up in Munich, and has been a teacher in Nuremberg since the mid-sixties. Athlete, committed Christian, social democrat, cheeky, he fights BR cheeky even and may, because natural talent and stubborn, actually run. Part-time, first with reports from the village, later with Bundesliga football from the club, then also in the Champions League.

He becomes famous as a seer with headphones: “Watch out, dear Bayern fans, watch out, dear club fans, now it’s up to you. Probably the decisive situation in the municipal stadium. (…) Thirty-four minutes are played! Thomas Brunner, the captain, runs for Nuremberg against Aumann, now he’s on it! Tooor !! One to zero for Nuremberg! And against Bayern from Munich of all places! «The moderator in the studio picks up:» By the way, if you didn’t quite notice it at the beginning: There are two Bavarian teams playing, but the reporter’s heart beats audibly for the club … « (11/25/89 Club – Bayern 4-0)

Three club goals later, the stadium is raging, the reporter runs out of the dressing room and attacks the audience with the microphone. »(Cook 🙂 What do you think of the game, what do you think of the …? (Fan 🙂 Great! (Cook 🙂 Okay. What does Max Morlock say? Max Morlock, what else about the game? (Max Morlock 🙂 Well deserved! (Cook 🙂 Now we’re down in the front row, and the club is over the Middelline! Mi’m Wirsching! Oooh! And now you can almost score again! What is the mayor sucking? 4: 0? (Peter Schönlein 🙂 Simply fantastic! Unique! (Cook 🙂 Now go over here through the bars, is everything a little tight with us, right? But it’s great here in Nuremberg … «

Jürgen Roth must have spent years listening to recordings and writing them down. He also transferred Koch’s peculiar dialect, which has become an audio book on paper. Between reports, interviews with colleagues and quotes from the large library with texts by or about Koch. He comes very close to the lunatic of integrity from Langwasser in personal conversations like this one while driving a car: JR: “You’re already a quarrel. GK: I’m not an argument … Well, idiot, you stupid! They all have to read their cell phones, the assholes who fuck, you. Yeah, it sucks! “

Because the ungovernable sometimes does things like writing protest letters (“This disadvantage on my part, the BR-internal ›No. 2 ‹according to Rubenbauer in terms of football, represents a discrimination against my person that is understandable for every listener.«) or ask Ewald Lienen live on the sidelines about peace policy, the biographer goes into raptures.

“Günther Koch soon turned out to be the born external station, a person not provided for by the bureaucracy and not polished and disciplined by it …” – a torrent of words pours into a sentence that only ends after three quarters of a page with “… because he the impulse that everyone has something to say, that is to say, if you just let them, because everyone is a narrator, you don’t cut off their brains – well, the sentence no longer gets the curve. Let’s continue as follows: Günther Koch was and is an extraterritorial … «

The penetrating vanity of the meanwhile wild age is unmistakable. A colleague reports: “Of course, Günther knew what a great pike he was and what great reports he did. And then 30 or 40 journalists sit on the bus and are driven to the press banquet, and he can’t let the praise sink in, but has to tell: But I saw the scene so and so and then I got this and that said, and I brought the quote straight away … “

Wolfgang Reichmann: “That has to do with the fact that, of course, people like to hear themselves. A reporter who doesn’t admit that would be lying. “ Absolutely right. Anyone who works at the radio and is not megalomaniac has to be asked what they actually want there. Roth in any case does not spare us the weaknesses of his friend, that could displease him, he does it anyway. He tells us all cooking stories, how the Bayern fan became a fanatical club supporter, why he was never allowed to report about a World Cup, how he almost turned the state parliament on its head and made a belly smack while watching TV. And looks for the last of the answers to the question of whether he really invented the term “cluberer”.

“We report from the abyss” is the unusually honest portrait of an exceptional phenomenon against the background of the last wedding of the football report. And a blissful reminder of the old radio world, which has fallen silent because we have closed the cinema in our heads and only look at screens that are blind.

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