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The sudden phrase of the Real Madrid coach against Eden Hazard

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Eden Hazard has rarely been a starter since Ancelotti’s arrival (Reuters)

Carlo Ancelotti recognized this week at a conference of Eden Hazard is in perfect condition to play with Real Madrid, after having suffered several injuries after arriving at the Spanish team, but nevertheless he has the possibility of having other players.

In a squad as large as that of the white cast, the Italian coach declared: “The problem that Hazard has is that the coach prefers other players “. In this sense, he assured that this should not be an inconvenience for the former Chelsea: “The important thing is that he has motivation to work and play. He is doing it and his time will come ”.

For Ancelotti the system is not a problem, since in the 4-3-3 he is betting on, the Belgian could play on the left wing: ”Hazard’s position is clear, he can play as a left winger at 4-3- 3 or as a forward in 4-4-2 behind the striker. It’s okay, he’s training and ready to play. ” However, other footballers have better considerations.

He has arrived later than the rest, he has had many injuries and little by little he is returning to his best version. I am convinced that he will have it this season and that he will play more than he does now, “he added, analyzing the reasons that prevent Hazard from shining as he did at Chelsea.

The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, during the Classic played this past Sunday at the Camp Nou (EFE)
The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, during the Classic played this past Sunday at the Camp Nou (EFE)

Ancelotti stressed that his player “has everything” to succeed in his team, but asked for patience: “He has to endure, at the moment he is not playing but He is a player who has all the characteristics of a Real Madrid footballer. There are moments when one coach prefers another”.

On the other hand, he also referred to the situation he experienced Ronald Koeman, insulted by a group of Barcelona supporters who surrounded his vehicle, in which he was traveling with his wife, after the defeat in the duel against Real Madrid. ”The feeling I had when I saw him is that I felt annoyed. Sorry for Koeman, that doesn’t have to happen, rudeness can’t be tolerated. “

In his analysis of what happened, Ancelotti pointed out that there is an intolerable lack of education: “It is a social problem and it is not just about football, because it lacks respect for the person, not for the coach” (…) Koeman is not a coach is a person who works as a coach and when you disrespect the person, it means that society has a problem, “he said.

“The life of the coach is beautiful, we do what we like. You have to accept criticism, what bothers you is the lack of respect for the person, but that bothers everyone, not just the coaches ”, underlined the Italian, who sentenced:“ It is the ugliest thing that can happen to you. When I was a child they taught me that if you want to be respected you have to respect. It’s one of the first things they teach you”.


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