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The soon-to-be-executed death row inmate who upsets Steph Curry

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Stephen Curry is a rather quiet man in life but never hesitates to get seriously involved in major causes. For example, at the start of the season, the leader of the Warriors is doing everything to save the life of a blameé to death that many stars consider as innocent. Time is running out, the execution is scheduled for November 18 …

NBA players are now much more than just athletes, they also play a strong social role. Whether we accept it or not, Kyrie Irving is for example at the heart of a great campaign of resistance on the part of the American anti-vaccines, the proof is with this hot demonstration that degenerated in front of the Barclays Center last weekend. The leader of the Nets wants to be the voice of those who do not have one, and his new allies are making themselves heard.

But not all the causes championed by the stars of the league are so divisive. For example, Stephen Curry is currently fighting to free Julius Darius Jones, a man sentenced to death in 2002 for the murder of Paul Howell in Oklahoma in 1999. A decision rejected en bloc by many personalities because of the lack of evidence in this case. The Chef spoke before the match against the Thunder, then afterwards during the press conference.

Stephen Curry spoke to Julius Darius Jones

This is Stephen Curry, and I support Julius and his family, and I pray for justice and our brother to be a free man.

We must continue to shed light on these cases. We tend to get distracted by everything that is going on in the world. I love Julius’ family not only for their love for them, but also for their battle for reform of our prison and penal system. I had the chance to talk to Julius on the phone after the game, and I realized how lucky I was. We talked about basketball, about his family… He is altruistic despite his situation and it’s crazy.

For 19 years now Julius Darius Jones has been claiming his innocence in this affair, and thanks to his many supporters and a solid case, the American justice would consider reducing his sentence by transforming his death sentence into life imprisonment, which is still too much for many observers. Indeed, in 2002, the judge was said to have relied exclusively on the testimony of a man who has since confessed to accusing Mr Jones without evidence to obtain a reduced sentence, which calls into question the extreme sentence.

Stephen Curry is in any case not the only one to fight in this file, since in recent years personalities like actress Viola Davis, presenter James Corden or Kim Kardashian have taken a stand! Support that inevitably weighs and could save the life of a man who has been claiming his innocence for several decades.

Stephen Curry is unlikely to stop fighting until Julius Jones is a free man. the time press, the execution date is scheduled for November 18.

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