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the shortest retreat in history for the ex-pistolero with salient analysis

by archysport

The news has just fallen, JJ Redick has just signed for a new team. On the other hand, we will not see him in shorts but rather in a suit, since the shooter joins the big clique of ESPN as an analyst. Good news for everyone, as the double J has already proven itself behind a microphone.

A little over a month ago, JJ Redick announced his retirement. After fifteen years in the NBA, the back could then enjoy his new life as a retiree. Breakfast in bed, extended Sunday, family life… The book between the native of Tennessee and the Great League ended to be stored in the library… but not for long, because as soon as it was put away, the said book was already out for a new one. chapter. This time the main character will not be walking the NBA floors but the ESPN plateau, and JJ is therefore in the race for the title of the shortest retirement in history. In the meantime, this is a news that seems to delight a lot of people, including the vice-president of the channel David Roberts, who spoke about his new recruit on the media site:

“One of our goals is to always look for opportunities to become even stronger. JJ’s unique vision and tremendous insight further enhances the depth of our team. “

It is therefore not a contender who comes to bring JJ Redick out of retirement, but a real media cador. ESPN is indeed one of the references in sport at Uncle Sam but quiet Emile, the former gunner will not be at his first media jet. Since 2015, he owns a podcast channel, The old man and the three, where he receives players, analyzes (in a very relevant way) the performances and decrypts the news, and it is moreover in his podcast that he announced his retirement last September. Good old JJ also owns a production company, ThreeFourTwo, the name being a reference to the 342 shots that JJ used to shoot every Sunday during the postseason while you struggled to put in six. The 37-year-old trigger will in any case return to school on November 3 during a meeting between the Nets and the Hawks, and there is no doubt that the gestures of Ice Trae will be at the center of the analysis of the one who has swung 41.5% from the parking lot throughout his career. The rear will undoubtedly delight us at the microphone, because he has already proven his worth, and quite simply because he knows the environment. In fifteen seasons, he played 940 games and landed 1,950 award-winning shots for an average of 12.8 points, and the number 11 of the 2007 Draft even came close to the ring during the epic of the Magic in 2009 or s’ came close – a bit – with the Clippers era Lob City. The latest rumors sent him to a contender, the former villain of Duke preferred another path, but the fifteenth most prolific 3-point shooter in history does not stray too far from the greatest show in the world . One does not come off like that from a love that has lasted fifteen seasons, and it is not JJ who will tell you the opposite.

JJ Redick thus arrives at ESPN, where he will try to continue to do what he does best: to tie up. But this time it will be by the accuracy of its analyzes and no longer by its big bombs. A month of retirement was already too much for him.

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