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The Provincial Evita Games concluded successfully

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Aquathlon, Chess, Athletics, 3×3 Basketball, 5×5 Basketball, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Soccer 11, Futsal, Artistic Gymnastics, Handball, Field Hockey, Judo, Karate, Olympic Lifting, Swimming, Optimist, Figure Skate, Race Skate , rugby, skate, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball and windsurfing, were the different youth disciplines that were presented in this 2021 edition of the Provincial Evita Games. Chess, newcom (modified volleyball), orientation, paddle tennis, toad, shuffleboard and table tennis made up the disciplines in Senior Adult games and adapted Athletics, adapted 3×3 basketball and adapted table tennis were part of adapted sport.

The youth categories were divided into Sub 14, Sub 15, Sub 16 and Sub 17.

Results of the last day

Youth Provincial Evita Games

Women’s Futsal – Trade Employees Union

Category under 14 teams:

1° Dilon (Rawson)

2 ° La callecita (July 9)

3 ° The girls from Barrio Junior (Caucete)

Category under 16 teams:

1 ° Golden Eagles (Chimbas)

2° Dilon (Rawson)

3 ° Las Pibas (Fertile Valley)

3×3 Basketball – UVT


1st U14 department May 25 panthers team

2nd U14 department santa lucia UNSJ team

1º U16 fertile valley department

2nd U16 department Rawson UVT team


1º U16 department Santa Lucía UNSJ

1º U14 department Santa Lucía UNSJ

2nd U14 Valle Fértil department.

Field Hockey – UNSJ El Palomar

Sub 14 damas

1 UNSJ (Capital)

2 UVT (Rawson)

3 Amancay (Santa Lucia)

Sub 14 gentlemen

1- UNSJ (Capital)

2- Barreal hockey

3- Versatile (July 9)

U16 female

1- Lomas (Rivadavia)

2- Barreal Hockey

Amancay (Santa Lucia)

Sub 16 gentlemen

1 UNSJ (Capital)

2 Barreal Hockey

Soccer 11 – UNSJ El Palomar

1- Villa El Salvador (Chimbas)

2- Juana Manso (Rawson)

3- Albardón

Sub 14

1 Miguel Manrique (Jáchal)

2 The Magnificent (Caucete)

3 Defenders of Boca (Sarmiento)

Handball – UNSJ El Palomar

Female branch

1st place: Chimbas

2nd place: Pocito

3rd place: Saint Lucia

Male branch

1st place: Rawson

2nd place: Church

3rd place: Sarmiento

Aquathlon – Almendro Sport

Men’s U14 Ranking:

1 Lucas Rodriguez

Sub 14 female classification:

1 Victoria Pastor

Men’s Under 16 Ranking:

1 Luciano Frías

2 Lautaro Bottle

3 Santiago Fonzalida

Under 16 Female Classification:

1 Daiana Frías

Avoid Older Adult Games

Female Toad – July 9

1 Francisca Guaquinchay

2 Ramona Molina

Male Toad – May 25

1 Juan Vera

2 Manuel Ortiz


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