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The player who had absolutely nothing to do in the top 75 all-time

by archysport

If the list of the top 75 all-time has mainly made talk about the big forgotten, or “snubs”, it is advisable to dwell on a player well and truly present in the list … when he should not be there . Here’s why.

Overall positively received by the NBA community, the ranking of the 75 best players in all-time history unveiled at the start of the season, however, raised its share of controversy. One of them ? The presence, even omnipresence, of players from the distant “black and white” era in the eyes of some fans. And JJ Redick won’t tell you otherwise.

Among these names which are sometimes a little obscure, that of Dave Bing deserves a little “fact-checking”. Seasoned businessman, mayor of Detroit and renowned activist, the former leader is a man of value, eminently respected. But on the floors, his career seems very light to deserve such an honor, especially when you see some of the CVs that were not selected.

Dave Bing, too short to be in the top 75 all-time

NBA player between 1966 and 1978, Bing won only one series of playoffs in 12 years in the league – only one! 7 times All-Star, he also has 3 All-NBA selections and… that’s it. His career averages of 20 points and 6 assists do not really transcend the crowds either, and clearly raise questions about his legitimacy in the top 75, he who was already in the top 50 in 1996. And this does not. is not all.

In 1975, after 9 years in Detroit where he could never win a series of playoffs despite the presence of teammates like Dave Debusschere then Bob Lanier, Bing was traded in Washington against the modest Kevin Porter and a round of Draft. That season, without him, the Pistons spent their first round of the playoffs in 14 years. After 2 years in Washington, Bing left in 1977 to finish his career in Boston… while the Bullets were champions without him in 1978!

In other words, and without disrespecting his career, it’s hard to imagine such a player being part of the best 75 in the history of the NBA, as brilliant as he is far from the courts … For those interested, here are some images of the principal interested in his works:

If Dave Bing is undoubtedly a formidable ambassador for the NBA and a model of virtuous and honorable course, what he accomplished on the floors of the league in no way justifies his presence in the top 75. The forgotten like Tony Parker , Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and others can have it badly in front of this clear error…

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