Home Golf The palmer Rafa Cabrera-Bello wins the Spanish Golf Open and Jon Rahm finishes 17th

The palmer Rafa Cabrera-Bello wins the Spanish Golf Open and Jon Rahm finishes 17th

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The Spanish Golf Open held in Madrid has ended with the victory of La Palma player Rafael Cabrera-Bello after beating Adri Arnau in the final tiebreaker: “At last I have put my name in this cup,” said the canary, who had been winning a tournament for 4 years.

The Canary started the final day leading after 54 holes, a situation that never served him well in his career, as he never won after starting first on the last day.

I’ve been through the worst time in a decade or so of my career and thanks to this tournament and this public I have been able to return. The worst was from the return of the pandemic until the Memorial (end of May), which saw that nothing came out. But from there I started to play well, although the results have not come out. There he surely thought that everything would be easier and that it would not take so long to win it. But it has finally arrived and here I am with this cup, “said the Spaniard.

After an incredible battle between Cabrera and Arnaus everything ended in a tiebreaker that the Canary Islands took to win a highly prestigious tournament in their country, something incredible for any Spaniard: “For a Spaniard, winning the Spanish Open is as if it were the fifth great, it is something really special and you dream of achieving it since you were little. ”

Jon Rahm finished 17th in a tournament in which he was the top favorite to win it., but they were not his best days and he did not finish honing his aim in a city that has turned to support him, as had only been seen with Severano Ballesteros.

Triumph of Spanish golf in Spain, with Cabrera giving joy to the Canaries and Rahm taking a mass bath in Madrid. Win golf in Madrid.

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