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The one by one of Union in the fall before Red

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Franco Calderón (5): Discreet party, it did not have mistakes nor too many successes. At least it didn’t get messy like in other games.

Emanuel Britez (5): He must have asked for the change due to a muscle discomfort. Until then he was playing a game in which he had not participated much, since Independiente arrived very little in the red-and-white area.

Claudio Corvalán (5): Inadvertently, he ended up covering a shot by González that was destined for a goal. In the brand he had no problems and when he could he tried to go on the attack.

Imanol Machuca (4): Lazy party, he was almost always wrong in his decisions. At one point Munúa called him aside to give him directions. He was the first to be replaced.

Juan Ignacio Nardoni (6): He rounded off an acceptable game, with the delivery of as long as he could, he went on the attack. A good assist to Zenón, miraculously he was not injured by Blanco’s strike.

Enzo Roldán (7): The figure of Union, the most judicious player to handle the ball and also recover. A huge deployment occupying the central area, whenever it could, it went on the attack. He must play as an intern.

Gastón González (5): He showed a lot of desire, but it was difficult for him to finish defining several actions. One of them could be a goal but his shot hit Corvalán.

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Mauro Luna Diale (5): His performance went from highest to lowest, he started plugged in and almost made a great goal, but then in the second half it was diluted.

Fernando Marquez (5): He had a clear chance that he could not convert, although the play started in a remove of his. In the second half Sosa covered a shot from outside the area, made an important sacrifice but failed in the definition.

Juan Carlos Portillo (5): Without surprises in the mark, he dedicated himself to doing the simple and he was expeditious. Before the loss of Britez, he will start the next game.

Kevin Zenón (4): He replaced Machuca but failed to give dynamics to the right lane. He had a chance to finish but he delayed the shot and Sosa took the ball from him.

Nicolás Blandi (-): He returned to play after two games, he shows a lack of football, although with a couple of touches he shows his category.

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