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The notes of episode 8 of Koh-Lanta The Legend

by archysport

The notes of episode 8 of Koh-Lanta The Legend

Without Ferrero Rocher, the ambassadors have messed up the camp. A reunification as we like them and a report card guaranteed without betrayal, him.

The reunited tribe

She was super nice. Then she decided to be friends with Alix. Poisonous entourage filth.

Laurent’s opinion:

You took my best friend out of the adventure, and that’s really not very nice, Alexandra.

Allergic to strategies and low blows. The guy who respects the ” real rules of Uno “, it’s him.

Laurent’s opinion:

Traumatized by his previous eliminations, he is always afraid that it is his turn. You will be more relaxed on my couch, go.

So much aggression in one person, it’s very worrying. Quickly call Pascal the Big Brother. He will make him do a trek in the mountains with pebbles in the bag ” which represent his wounds from the past “, will tell him to throw one every 2 km to get rid of his old demons, and normally after, all his problems will be solved.

Laurent’s opinion:

Don’t worry Alix, we saw the fishing rod hit in the face from Coumba, you’re not alone. But to allow yourself to apply pressure, it is better to know how to hold a machete in the right direction.

We can’t wait for archery next week, whether or not Sam will be totally useless this season or not.

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