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The greatness of Nelson Cruz

by archysport

Beyond the home runs, the timely hits or even the titles won, knowing how to return part of what is achieved is something that exalts any athlete and that is precisely what is happening with the Dominican slugger Nelson Cruz.

This Wednesday he was chosen as the winner of the Roberto Clemente award, a limited award for those players who contribute humanitarianly in their communities.

In the Matas de Santa Cruz they know perfectly well what Nelson does, from taking charge of building the police and fire station, supplying his community with ambulances and even financially helping dozens of families who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

This is not the first humanitarian award that Cruz has won, who was recognized a couple of years ago by ESPYs in that category.

Beyond what he can do on the field, Cruz is showing his great heart and willingness to contribute, as well as leaving a legacy that will outweigh any group of statistics he can accumulate.

A great deal

Lidom and DRSports reached a great agreement for the winter ball games to be transmitted via streaming through the MLB.tv platform.

It is the same tool by which the 30 major league teams broadcast their regular season and playoff games and has more than three million subscribers.

With a price of US $ 24.99 for the 40 regular season and postseason games (but paid for those that are already subscribed), Dominicans living in the United States will have the possibility to enjoy local ball much easier and, as an industry, Lidom will receive a huge boost and benefits.

This great success must be pointed out to the president of the League, Vitelio Mejía, to the partners of DRSports and to Major League Baseball for expanding the content they have available outside of their season.


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