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The effort has no reward on the first day of the French Open

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Spanish badminton continues to sign great international performances, although in the YONEX French Open 2021, category tournament Super 750 Held this Tuesday in Paris, the efforts of our players were not rewarded. And is that Bea Corrales signed a great first round match against Line Kjaertsfeldt, Although the Danish ended up going back the match they played (22-20, 20-22 and 21-19).

The Madrilenian could not emerge triumphant from a tremendously even duel. Not in vain Kjaertsfeldt It is 33rd in the world ranking. Of course, although at the beginning the Danish took the baton of the meeting, Corrales took the initiative with 6-6 and stayed ahead until sentencing the first set. Things remained even in the first third of the second heat, at which point the Spaniard took advantage of a 7-0 run to open a gap on the scoreboard and gain an important advantage. Yes indeed, Kjaertsfeldt reacted in the final stretch of the game and ended up taking the match to the third set.

Far from accusing the comeback of his rival, Bea Corrales She came out determined to dominate the remainder of the game. Proof of this is that as soon as the third set began, he chained eight consecutive points and achieved an income that he knew how to manage to arrive by sending 11-6 to the interval. Nevertheless, Kjaertsfeldt He fought hard and evened things out again in the closing stages of the game, and ended up prevailing in a tight end of the game, separating Corrales from the round of 16.

Statistics of Bea Corrales’ debut at the French Open.

On the opening day there was still the doubles match that Corrales form with Clara Azurmendi, who comes from shining with his own light at the Denmark Open held last week.

The Spanish tandem faced a very demanding debut against Maiken Fruergaard and Sara Thygesen, who occupy the 16th place in the world rankings and had experience to defeat the combative Spanish players (21-17 and 21-19). And the fact is that the Danish duo entered the game better and took the initiative throughout the first set. The Spanish did not stop fighting at any time and managed to equalize things just before reaching the interval, but shortly after Fruergaard and Sara Thygesen, signed two 4-0 sets with which they signed up for the first set.

The second set was even more even. The Danish women again took the initiative, but Corrales and Azurmendi did not allow them to escape on the scoreboard and remained on the lookout until the 15th point, at which time Fruergaard and Sara Thygesen they increased the intensity and sentenced the match.

Statistics of the doubles match of Corrales and Azurmendi.

In any case, we must not lose sight of this couple, who are already at the gates of the ‘Top100’ of the world ranking, a place to which they will rise after their irruption in the World Tour tournaments. In addition, if you continue with this progression you can reach the Huelva World Championship 2021 among the 60 best couples on the planet.

It should be remembered that this Wednesday comes the individual debut of Azurmendi, who is measured against the veteran player of China Taipei Pai Yu Po, number 43 in the world ranking. The Gipuzkoan arrives full of motivation, as she has just reached the quarterfinals in Denmark, where she defeated the 12th racket in the world, Mia Blichfeldt.

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