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The dangerous vaccination egoism of the Bayern professional

by archysport

SPut an end to the pandemic emergency. According to the will of the majority of members of the Bundestag, it should be so far at the end of November. Although the incidence values ​​are skyrocketing. The sport is feeling this: The number of games that had to be postponed in the German ice hockey league due to infected players continued to rise this week. And the discussion about the unwillingness to vaccinate national team captain Joshua Kimmich is smoldering.

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Because the will of the representatives of the people to reduce the legislative interventions that were made possible with the determination of the pandemic emergency of national scope is based above all on one argument: the vaccination against Covid-19. she is the one condition not. It doesn’t work without a vaccination. The question arises as to whether it would not make sense to make vaccination a prerequisite for gaming.

Elsewhere the time has come: In New York, basketball superstar Kyrie Irving has to watch because the law requires vaccination. In January in Melbourne at the Australian Open, only vaccinated tennis players should be allowed to serve. That is why the question of whether a league association such as the German Football League can and should make vaccination a prerequisite for participating in games is highly relevant in this country. The DFL made it clear this week that it is not ready for it, it does not see itself entitled to do so.

But there are noteworthy opposing opinions. The renowned sports lawyer Rainer Cherkeh sees the league associations as an obligation, if only out of concern for the athletes. He considers the implementation of a compulsory vaccination to be permissible and necessary. His argument: the association’s autonomy guaranteed in the Basic Law, otherwise often the favorite of associations when it comes to protecting privileges.


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