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The crazy investment of Kobe which will bring 800 million to Vanessa!

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Like any responsible NBA player, Kobe Bryant has invested a good part of his salary in promising businesses… And in the next few days, one of his investments could bring back a huge check to Vanessa!

It’s been almost two years since Kobe Bryant left us, leaving a huge void in the hearts of all fans. And despite the passage of time, the matter is still not settled. Evidence, Los Angeles County, some officers circulating photos of corpses after the crash, is trying somehow to evade sanctions with a pretty cruel attack on Vanessa !

And the latter must have trouble turning the page as her life is covered and watched by the American media. A few days ago the New York Times for example released an investigation in which we learn that Vanessa was heavily duped on the day of the crash, since a big lie was told to her. Indeed, for long minutes she believed her husband had survived

Kobe invests 6 million and wins 800 million!

Despite everything, the Bryant’s daily life must resume its course, and excellent news should bring smiles to the whole family. Indeed, a smart investment made by Mamba in 2014 could bring in up to $ 800 million in the coming days! A huge gift from a man who has always looked after his little tribe.

Coca-Cola is approaching an agreement to buy the majority shares of the BodyArmor brand, at an estimated cost of $ 8 billion according to the Business site. The best part of the deal? Kobe Bryant bought a 10% stake in BodyArmor in 2014 for just $ 6 million, and they’re now worth $ 800 million. That’s a gain of 13.233% and 2.5 times his career earnings.

Kobe Bryant’s $ 6 million investment is now worth $ 800 million according to Joe Pompliano! And following the tragic death of the Mamba in 2020, the shares in the BodyArmor company went to Vanessa, his wife, and his daughters, which should ensure them a more serene future. Even after his disappearance, Kobe continues to watch over his family and give them gifts …

Vanessa Bryant is obviously not to be pitied financially, but these $ 800 million will not be too much. She will be able to share a hell of a jackpot with her daughters if she decides to sell her shares.

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