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The alarming statement of Joel Embiid

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Not at the top since the start of the season, Joel Embiid is no more than the shadow of the monster he was last year. However, there would be a very good reason for that… As explained by a famous US journalist, the Cameroonian would thus play in circumstances anything but reassuring for his future.

The defeat against the Knicks (112-99) once again showed it, Joel Embiid (14 points and 6 rebounds, 2/7 shooting and 5 turnovers) is very far from the level he posted in 2020-21. Why is the pivot showing so many difficulties this year? According to Ramona Shelburne, the answer is simple: injuries, over and over again. The journalist ofESPN spoke at length with the person concerned and shared his secrets during the NBA Today program. Jojo would thus be diminished since the Opening Night, which saw him injure his knee:

Joel Embiid Forced To Play Injured Because Of Ben Simmons?

He told me that after that game in New Orleans, he couldn’t walk for two days. But he still played against Oklahoma City and, obviously, against the Knicks and the Nets. He’s playing because Ben Simmons isn’t playing, and they need one of the two on the pitch. He must show his leadership.

Because the other supposed leader of the workforce is currently not in uniform, the Australian not feeling mentally readyThe Process must therefore take on itself, even if it means literally playing on one leg. No wonder his stats are affected, under these conditions: Only 19 points and 7 rebounds on average, even if he adds 4.5 assists per game. However, the Cameroonian refuses to hide behind his poor physical shape and intends to push his limits:

Joel Embiid on his knee: “That’s no excuse. I’ll just go through with it. “

A laudable attitude towards his teammates, but which is by no means healthy for him in the long term. Embiid has suffered a tremendous amount of injuries since his debut, and it is imperative that he takes care of his body as much as possible. It is also up to the franchise to intervene in this kind of situation, even if it means sacrificing the current season. Losing Embiid for a long time would have the same effect, but could also impact its level in the years to come. A scenario that must be avoided at all costs.

Be careful not to overwork for Joel Embiid, even if we know that he is aiming for the title. However, it would be a shame if he sacrificed part of his bonus trying to win this season, when he would have to be in the infirmary …

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