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Thanos started running again, but we didn’t say how fast

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Zion Williamson was probably imagining something else for his start to the season. Between his broken foot, his rehabilitation that lasts a lead and his weight problems, the star of the Pelicans has chained the galleys. Good news, the form seems to come back in recent days.

It’s no longer a secret that Zion Williamson struggles to find the NBA courts. The number uno should already be scoring his opponents by the time it is, but the physical monster is delayed in its split times. First pitfall, a fracture in his right foot followed by a summer operation from which he took longer than expected to recover. Exit the preparation with the friends and hello the bad shape for the phenomenon of the Draft 2019. Without its prodigy, the franchise struggles and offers a negative record, three defeats for a single victory. A start to the season with the beak underwater for the Pelicans, without forgetting the rumors and questions surrounding the weight of Zion Williamson. The atmosphere is rotten, the sky is gray and luckily Tuesday brought some hope. First ray of sunshine, a 107-98 victory against Wolves but the fans were especially reassured by the words of the coach of New Orleans. On the franchise’s official website, Willie Green gave some news a large pelican weighing 140 kilos de Zion:

“He’s better, you can see he’s improving. He’s on the floor, he’s running, he’s doing more and more things. Once he has passed his last round of exams, we will have a clearer vision of what we are going to be able to do. […] Today, he is not yet fully in everything he does. But I hope we can increase the intensity. “

Reviews that should occur in the coming days according to the bird trainer. Even if no date has been communicated, it suggests that Zion is quietly approaching a return to the floors. This is obviously good news for all NBA lovers, except for those who will have to defend on the guy. Small reminder, in two seasons, the Louisiana buffalo is running at 25.7 points, 7 rebounds and 3.3 assists. The new Pelicans coach would need his phenomenon to nab a few wins and raise the bar. In the meantime, all these little people will have to place their hopes on the wings – skinny but solid – of a Brandon Ingram who has already activated the All-Star mode (27 points, 7.5 rebounds, 4.8 assists at 50% in the shooting and 50% of the parking lot).

Zion Williamson is on his way home and that’s a hell of a lot of news! The Pelicans fan base has just found a smile but patience, between this update and the moment when we will see Thanos in shorts, there is still a little time to wait.

Source Texte : NBA.com, New Orleans Pelicans.

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