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Terni, pupils of the ‘Fairies’ institute, guests of the archers

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A more than welcome visit to the structure in via del Centenario degli Arcieri in the city of Terni. Friday was the inaugural day of the ‘tour’ that sees the pupils of the Felice Fatati comprehensive school as protagonists: “We feel part of the city fabric and have always believed in the benefits that sport can bring to the growth of our young people – the words of the president Stefano Tombesi -, we accepted the request of professor Luca Coletti who wanted to introduce our sport and our system to the students. For us it was obviously a pleasure and an honor ».

Terni, gym closed to the ‘Fatati’. Lega: «There are funds. Problem will be solved “

The visit and the activity

54 pupils of the first middle school immersed themselves in the world of archery at the archery training center: for them the first arrows and outdoor physical activity. «This project was born – the words of Coletti – also from the need to let the children try an activity outside the school, in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature. In this context, we have the availability of professionals who are teaching our students archery, an Olympic discipline that in particular at this age is also important for knowing yourself, for attention, concentration, body positioning. . Then there is another aspect: the gym of our school is not accessible at the moment. Also for this reason we are trying to make children do sports by taking advantage of opportunities like this that is offered to us by the archers of the city of Terni. A useful way to carry out a program suitable for children ». Next Friday it will be the turn of the youngsters of the secondary school, then the following week to the older ones.

The project

«This project – concludes Coletti – was also created to help pupils socialize and allow them to spend a few hours outdoors. We come from a period of distance learning, now we are in class with masks and opportunities like these can only do them good ». The company did not hold back: «We made our facility available in the morning on days when we do not do sports so that it can be used in a completely exclusive way. The archery training center is not a real gym but allows the carrying out of physical activity. It is also a federal center for paraarchery. To conclude, we are very happy to continue to make our contribution to society and to meet the problems of the city. We hope that this project can be repeated with other institutes as well. Our doors are always open ».

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