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strong revelations on the state of Sergio Ramos and his medical examination

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Have the Parisian leaders turned a blind eye to the state of health of Sergio Ramos at the time of his signature? This summer, Paris Saint-Germain secured the services of the Spanish defender for free, at the end of their contract with Real Madrid. A nice shot made by Leonardo with an experienced player, unanimously recognized, but who nevertheless remained on a complicated season with a lot of injuries. A few months later, the observation is there, relentless: Sergio Ramos has still not played the slightest minute in his new tunic, and his state of health is still worrying.

A concern from the medical examination?

Worse still, according to information from Abdellah Boulma, the medical staff would have warned the club by expressing doubts about its ability to recover at the time of the traditional medical visit, wondering about the possibility of seeing him again evolve at the highest level. level. Alerts which obviously did not slow down the club in the capital to get him signed. While November is coming to the fore, the press releases concerning it are intended to be encouraging. However, he should still not be in the group for the trip to the lawn of RB Leipzig in the Champions League, yet.

to summarize

Sergio Ramos, the defender of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has been injured since his transfer from Real Madrid, the medical staff had given the club alerts. The staff questioned their ability to return to the highest level.

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