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by archysport

Nice duel in the Capurro gym, where the winner would be the leader with two wins in two games. The tenant started a little better by running the court a bit, although loading inside with Tortajada and the good appearance of Leandro Taboada, the visit matched up and went to 12-5 with good minutes from Trusich. But Souza appeared like a firefighter with two bombs that put out the fire, the first boy ended up thrashed and even with Reducto up 23-21.

The start of the second was a low goal, but Capurro based on his iron defense was finding court runs that solved all the problems. Reducto entered a deep and dangerous pothole, which the homeowner made him pay dearly, punishing him non-stop with goals on the open court, led by Souza and Ramos, they made the lapidary partial in the 21-1 quarter. Yes, twenty one to one in the room. Leaving the score at halftime 42-24, close to being defined more by seeing one team crushing the other than by the difference itself.

As if that were not enough for Reducto, the one that was missing in Capurro appeared with Sebastián Álvarez until he opened twenty-one for rent. The one who was not yet ready to assume defeat was Leandro Taboada who appeared with all his rebellion to get to thirteen; but he overstepped his emphasis and committed his fourth personal, which ended up compromising the visit. Redoubt finished blurring without its driver, and like all night Souza punished him to leave the third with the score 65-49, close to being defined.

Although Yari Acevedo brought important goals to keep his team alive, then he ended up losing his head and leaving the game, with which Capurro recovered twenty of income and the rest of the match was more. Both coaches rotated their teams and the final makeup score was 92-78. Capurro surprises his own strangers with another great victory against a candidate and sneaks into the top of the DTA.

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