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Sports agenda: Porteños Games, #OrgulloBA Week and swimming qualifier | News | Buenos Aires City

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Days of pure sport are coming in the City, with the continuity of the Buenos Aires Games that will have eight disciplines in action during the weekend, the start of the LGBTIQ + Regional Tournament and the meeting called “Sports, Gender and Diversity Panel”, both activities on the occasion of the #OrgulloBA Week, and the closing of the Selective Tournament for the World Swimming Championship.

Porteños Games

The sports competition par excellence of the City, organized by the Sports Sub-secretariat, continues to summon thousands of young athletes to develop their full potential in the discipline they love the most.

Among the eight disciplines, will compete: Artistic skate, Saturday and Sunday, in the Open School space (Indo-American Park); badminton air, in Sarmiento Park, on Saturday; adapted athletics, this Saturday, at the Chacabuco Sports Center; fencing, on Saturday, at the Pomar Sports Center; rugby, at the Italian Club; Inline freestyle and skate race, on Sunday, again in the Open School space.

Selective Tournament for the World Swimming Championships

In the swimming pool of the Villa Soldati Olympic Park, about 380 swimmers are participating in the Selective Tournament for the World Swimming Championships to be held in Abu Dhabi, from December 13 to 18. This selective began on Thursday, this Saturday will be the last of the three days, from 15.30 to 19, when the tests 50 free, 200 butterfly, 100 combined, 1500 free (men), 800 free (women), 100 chest and 200 back. Only on the first day three national records were achieved.

Regional LGBTIQ + Tournament

On the occasion of the Week #PrideBA, the General Directorate for Coexistence in Diversity in conjunction with the Sports Undersecretariat and the organization Gays Passionate About Soccer (GAPEF) will start the Regional LGBTIQ + Tournament, which will take place between October 29 and November 3 in three venues: CeNARD, Sarmiento Park and Olympic Park.

The activity will have the participation of approximately 800 to 900 athletes belonging to the LGTBIQ + collective, which will be divided into the following disciplines: soccer 11 and soccer 5, Saturday and Sunday, at CeNARD; volley, at CeNARD, Saturday and Sunday; hockey, in the Olympic Park, on Friday, and in CeNARD, Saturday and Sunday; basketball, in Sarmiento Park, on Sunday; swimming, at CeNARD, Saturday and Sunday; Athletics, at CeNARD, Saturday and Sunday; table tennis, on Sunday, at CeNARD; tennis, Saturday and Sunday, at CeNARD; korfball, Saturday and Sunday, at CeNARD, and Tuesday and Wednesday at Parque Sarmiento.

Sports, Gender and Diversity Panel

Also within the framework of Week #PrideBA, will take place at the Colegiales Sports Center, on Monday at 5:30 p.m., the Sports, Gender and Diversity Panel, which will include: Valentina Kogan, former goalkeeper for the Argentine handball team; Anna Scappini, trans athlete; Rafael Crocinelli, former player of Sarmiento de Junín, CN Sports and Everton de La Plata, graduate in social communication and author of the book “Bodies that (don’t) matter”; Nicolás Fernández, LGBTIQ soccer player + goalkeeper for the Berisso University club. The person in charge of moderating the panel is Juan Pablo Moriño, from GAPEF (Gays Passionate About Soccer), the organization in charge of the LGBTIQ + Regional Tournament.

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