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Spectacular European Championship of Shooting with Prehistoric Weapons

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16:37 • 17 oct. 2021

The good level of precision in the runs of fifty participants from the provinces of Almería, Granada and Murcia has been the predominant trend in the Benahadux test included in the XXXI European Championship of Shooting with Prehistoric Weapons held this weekend.

The competitions began on Saturday morning in the municipal soccer field with the dispute of an official round of the ISAC World Championship of precision shooting with propeller, a modality in which they rose to the podium the shooters Manuel Luis Siles 1st, Manuel Salas 2nd and Rafael Guirado 3rd.

The European Championship Prehistoric Weapons Saturday afternoon began with the prehistoric archery test, a modality that registered the largest number of participants. After a course of thirty targets between 8 and 26 meters in distance located along the Rambla de La Partala, the results yielded the double triumph of Dita Molino, both in the female category and in the absolute general. The women’s podium was completed by Virginia García 2nd and María del Mar Cazorla 3rd. In the male category, the first was Antonio Estrada, followed by Ildefonso Molino and Juan Solano. In female infantile the first classified was Paula Navarro, second Carla del Pino and third Emma Navarro. In male child, the first place went to Alejandro Valverde followed by Rubén López and David Malpica.

After a convivial dinner on Saturday night in a restaurant in the municipality, the shooters of the prehistoric thruster mode they met on Sunday morning at La Partala to show their skill with throwing with azagaya. In the male category, the winners were in this order Juan José Guirado, Juan Luis Navarro and Rafael Guirado, while in the female category Josefa Valdivia 1st, Virginia García 2nd and Caty de los Santos 3rd.

Trophy delivery
The Benahadux Cultural Hall was the scene of the delivery of trophies in the form of handmade ceramic plates and other gifts. Councilors of the government team Led by the mayor Noelia Damián and representatives of the Benahadux Prehistoric Shooting Clan Association presided over a closing ceremony where, in addition to giving gifts to the best shooters, a special mention was made to four people closely linked to prehistoric shooting who for various reasons did not have been able to participate in the competitions: María José Requena, María José Martínez, Jean Specken and the former president of the club Miguel Ángel Alonso.

The president of the association, Vanesa Lores, thanked the Benahadux City Council for its great involvement in the event, as well as the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía, the Provincial Council, the Association of Municipalities of Bajo Andarax and several commercial firms for making it possible for Benahadux to have repeated one more year as official headquarters. The next round of the European Championship of Prehistoric Weapons it will take place next weekend in the neighboring town of Rioja.

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