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Spartanas defeat Iceberg in close basketball match

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Julio Leon

In a close duel of quintets that impose hegemony in the women’s category B, Spartanas ended up beating Iceberg with a score of 39-36 in one of the most vibrant matches of what was the return of activity, in the Peasant Torch Basketball League.

Spartanas, current leader of this division, ended up keeping his undefeated tag and now has an account of 12 games won and zero losses, while Iceberg remains in the sub-leadership but now with a count of 10 wins and only two setbacks.

In such a meeting, which was held on the main court of the Lázaro Cárdenas High School, the actions were even from start to finish, Iceberg had gone to rest of the first half with a minimum advantage of one point, 21-20, highlighting Alejandra Cruz , who was dispatched with two consecutive triples.

On the side of Spartanas, Daniela Chávez and S. Pérez led the offensive production of their team.

Upon returning to the field, the panorama did not change and the actions continued to be tight in the third quarter, where this last squad added seven points and those led by Laura García, eight, to move forward, now 29-27.

However, the somersault of the leaders of the general classification came in the last quarter, when they looked very accurate before the rim and the three-point shots were key.

Susana Díaz consumed two triples in a row and Pérez contributed one more, so that this team made three shots of this degree in a vibrant closing game.

On the part of Iceber, Laura García also responded in the same way when adding long distance, but the contribution of a double from Fernando Pérez and a free from Pérez on the side of the general leaders of the table, ended up being factors for that they will be left with a fierce victory with a score of 39-36.

Iceberg’s best scorers were: Andrea and Alejandra Cruz, with nine and eight points, respectively. On the side of Spartanas, their most accurate players against the rim were: Daniela Chávez and Pérez with 15 and 13 in points, respectively.

Iceberg 36-39 Spartanas


Iceberg 08 13 08 07 =36

Spartanas 10 10 07 12 =39

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