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Softball: Italy Team Le Zie is once again MASTERS EUROPEAN CHAMPION! | Baseball Mania

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains, the motto familiar to lovers of the sport of beat and run was confirmed this weekend in Sain Boi (Spain), where the 2nd Women’s Softball European was held. Masters Cup.

The manager Angelo Brunero with the team manager Massimo Incandela

Due to the heavy rain that hit Catalonia on Saturday, the Competition Committee canceled the last match of the qualifying round that Italy had planned against Sweden, which was irrelevant for access to the final tournament, subsequently postponed and then definitively canceled all the finals of the women’s draw.

By virtue of the provisional ranking, thanks to the 4 victories obtained in the qualifying round, Italy Team Le Zie was awarded the victory of the women’s tournament and thus repeats the success of 2019, ahead of Holland (beaten 14-1) who comes in second place, to Spain which is in third place (5-0), fourth is Denmark (12-6).

Manager Angelo Brunero at the side of the awards ceremony said “Obviously it is a victory that we do not like and we do not celebrate as it should be done. We tried in every way to convince the organizers because we wanted to celebrate on the pitch, but given the weather conditions the Committee preferred to take this decision ”.

“However, we are once again European Champions, we have won all the matches on the pitch, nobody wants to. Personally I am very happy with the performance of the girls – adds the coach – but above all I was sure of the technical level of the players. ” He closes by saying “We still paid the honors to our Dutch opponents, who very sportily accepted our victory”.

The European Cup Trophy

It is news of the last hour that the World Masters Game, which was to take place in Kansai in Japan in the month of May 2022, has been postponed due to the covid19 pandemic.

The team is registered and awaits news.


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