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so Ja Morant, ready for some hasty conclusions?

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It’s been exactly a week since the NBA resumed and, in the continuity of our hasty conclusions (to be found here), we looked at the first statistical leaders of the season. Something tells us that the rankings could quickly change.

We know that some will raise the shields and tell us that there is no point in checking the stats after a week but we wanted to laugh a little, so we go for it. Not all were expected at this level, who will be able to go the distance over time? We take stock.

The players

# Best scorer in the League: Ja Morant

So we really didn’t see him coming. Having proclaimed himself top 5 NBA leaders, Ja Morant had a lot to prove on this start of the year. At the moment he’s phenomenal with 35 points average (but also 8 assists), all at 58% shooting and 44% parking. Simply creepy. Paul George has already announced that he sees Derrick Rose in the phenomenon and the hype is likely to mount if he continues to give us his nuts game after game. We would rather bet on a Steph Curry, a Bradley Beal or a vengeful Damian Lillard but why not after all!

# Best assists in the League: Chris Paul

There, we do not really leave on a surprise given the CV of the man and his skills in the matter (4 awards for best passer in career). The thing that can titillate us a bit is that Point God had taken a step back in terms of assists in recent seasons, leaving Russell Westbrook, James Harden or LeBron James to scratch the honors. With 11.7 assists per game (only 3 games, we know), CP3 quite simply touches on his best stats in his career and the only time he came close to such an average, he finished second in the MVP (2008). Lovers of hasty conclusions, we see you coming.

# Best rebounder in the League: Rudy Gobert

Once again, we touch on a big favorite for the trophy at the end of the season. Gobzilla is a bit of a special case because, although he’s never been the best rebounder in the NBA (on average), no player has taken more rebounds than him over the past two seasons. Our Rudy therefore has the opportunity to recover the title once and for all. With 19 swallowed rebounds per game on his first three outings, he gives himself all the reasons to believe in it. Without forgetting that Andre Drummond waxes the bench of Philly, which makes him already a rival of size (quadruple best rebounder including three in the last four years) in less.

# Best Interceptor in the League: Paul George

His exceptional eight-steal game helped a lot but Paul George is a legitimate contender for the NBA’s top pickpocket title. An excellent defender, PG has always shown good dispositions when it comes to shooting balls. For those who dreamed of seeing him release us season after season 4 interceptions par match, moderate your ardor: no one has ever achieved such a feat. The record still belongs to Alvin Robertson, the former Spurs back. Its average over a year? 3.67 steals. Call the police.

# Best blocker in the League: Robert Williams / Anthony Davis

Lovers of pies are greedy at the start of the season and it is therefore a duo that comes to dominate the blockers. Regarding AD, it shows the monstrous level with which he attacked the season and we are starting with a big candidate for the DPOY. For Robert Williams, this is not a huge surprise either when we know that he was already turning 1.8 against in … 19 minutes last year. With 3 blocks of average, the duo are currently in the lead but they should not forget a certain Myles Turner who is steaming up the retro (2.5 blocks per game).

The teams

# Best NBA Record: Chicago Bulls / Golden State Warriors

We knew that Bulls and Warriors were going to play with the knife between their teeth and the desire to find the Playoffs, we had not expected that they would squat the head of the League after a week! Considering everyone’s schedule, we should have more answers within a fortnight. If Utah, Phoenix, Brooklyn, or Milwaukee seem a tone above, we will still keep an open mind. Suffice to say that if it remains as it is, the voters for the coach of the year will have two names to choose from and nothing else.

# Best offense in NBA: Memphis

The departure of Jonas Valanciunas and Grayson Allen had made it look like the Grizzlies were going to run out of ammo this season. And yet, with 123 points scored on average, Elvis’ franchise is, by far, the most offensive team. Only the Hornets manage to keep pace but behind, there is already a gap. On the other hand, when you can count on the best scorer in the League to fuel your offense, things are immediately easier. The most complicated will obviously be to hold on and other teams can quickly come out of the woods to take the place (New York, Golden State, Milwaukee, Lakers or even Indiana if Carlisle justifies its reputation)

# Best defense in NBA: Miami

This is a theme that came up during all the preparation on the side of the Heat. Attacking against Spoelstra’s defense? No problem, but you have to like to run into a concrete wall. With Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, PJ Tucker, Kyle Lowry and a few soldiers alongside, Miami has it all to shape a beautiful fortress this season. The small sample (95.7 points conceded on average in three games) is obviously too thin to judge but the slap inflicted on the Bucks (diminished, it is true) suggests heavy in the second half of the field. For teams that want to tackle it, South Beach could quickly turn into Omaha Beach.

We took stock of the statistical leaders at the start of the season. Hasty conclusions or real indication on what to do next, we leave it to you to judge, but be aware that this paper could quickly be out of date.

Source texte : StatMuse / Basket Reference

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