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Simons has met Brand and Moria for the first time since August

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Goods Simonss un Derils Morijs | Photo: NBA

Philadelphia “76ers” basketball player Ben Simons of the National Basketball Association (NBA) team has met for the first time since August with Elton Brand, the club’s general manager, and Derrilla Mory, president of basketball operations, reports ESPN reporter Ramon Shelbourne.

On Tuesday, Simons passed the physical tests and met with the team’s “architects” Brand and Moriah. He cannot participate in the team’s activities until Friday due to NBA safety protocols, Shelbourne writes. Simons’ meeting with Moriah and Brand was short and many things have not been discussed.

Cairy Irving and Simons are the NBA’s most talked about off-season players. Irving because he stubbornly refuses the Covid-19 vaccine and is therefore unable to participate in the team’s activities, but Simons, because he has requested a change and does not want to continue his career in Philadelphia, is very clear. His representative, Klutch Sports, which is the most influential in the entire NBA, has made it clear to NBA reporters that Simons neither wants to play with Joel Embyd nor wants to be on the Philadelphia team.

However, Mory and Brand have not received a competitive offer for a basketball player, so the change has not yet taken place. The team is not in a hurry to replace Simons because it is still waiting for a club to offer a deal acceptable from the 76ers’ point of view. A few days ago, it was reported that Klutch Sports and the 76ers had started talks about Simons’ potential return to Philadelphia.

The 25-year-old basketball player still has an active four-year contract for a total of $ 147 million. NBA spectators speculate that Simons’ sentiment deteriorated when he was treated as one of the assets of a shift in which the 76ers tried to win James Harden last season. The deal didn’t happen, but it didn’t change Simon’s outrage that the club wanted to get rid of him. There were also later rumors that Philadelphia would be happy to fight for Damian Lilard or Bradley Bale, who had further shattered Simon’s morals.

In the regular season of 2020/2021, Simons took 58 matches on the field, averaging 14.3 points, winning 7.2 rebounds and making 6.9 assists. The basketball player also scored 55.7% of two-point shots, but stood out from the penalty line with 61.3% accuracy.

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