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Silver World Championships in Lisbon for Fregnan-Corcioni in Katame no kata

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Silver World Championships in Lisbon for Fregnan-Corcioni in Katame no kata
In Lisbon the kata world championship of Italy started with the silver medal of Andrea Fregnan and Pietro Corcioni, second in Katame no kata.


Fifth place in Ju no kata instead for Giovanni Tarabelli and Angelica Tarabelli, followed in seventh place by Laura Bugo and Barbara Bruni Cerchier. Gino Gianmarco Stefanel and Alessandro Cugini in Nage no kata and Massimo Cester and Davide Mauri in Katame no kata did not leave the pool instead


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Nage no kata

1. Erik Faes-Niels Neumann (Ned), 415.0, 2. Glatenferd Escobar-Miguel Bermudez (Col), 414.0, 3. Antonio Marin-Gomez Nieves-Eduardo Ayala Torrado (Esp), 411.0

Katame no kata

1. Ryuji Kabata-Toshiji Odate (Jpn), 428.0, 2. Andrea Fregnan-Pietro Corcioni (Ita), 420.0, 3. Nicolas Gilon-Jean-Philippe Gilon (Bel), 415.5,

Ju no kata

1. Momoko Ishida-Mariko Ishida (Jpn), 427.5, 2. Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel-Ulla Loosen (Ger), 411.5, 3. Alina Zaharia-Alina Cheru (Rou), 398.0, 5. Giovanni Tarabelli-Angelica Tarabelli (Ita) ), 381.0
The IJF Academy publishes Professor Sacripanti, interview with the author

Two weeks ago the International Judo Federation dealt with the biomechanical science of judo on its ijf.org site, in order to enhance a publication of the IJF Academy.

And for those who have frequented the Italian judo environment for at least a few years, when you hear or read the term ‘biomechanics’ the automatic connection with a name and surname is immediately triggered: Attilio Sacripanti.

Neapolitan, 74 years old, Attilio Sacripanti is a judo master and was an international referee, as well as being an extremely qualified and appreciated luminary in the scientific field, to the point that his book has just been published in Uzbekistan. A skill that the International Judo Federation has wanted to involve since the establishment of the appropriate Academy.

Shall we say well Professor Sacripanti?
“Yes, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the IJF Academy for many years, but when a few years ago, after the publication of the English edition of my text, they asked me for a special and updated edition to be used as a text of the Academy, I was honestly pleasantly surprised “.

What does this work consist of?
“The text is, we can say (non sit iniuria verbis), a true bible of modern judo, without however ignoring its roots and the value of Kano’s work. It is a text that not only collects my most interesting works, put in an appendix, so you can not read them! But in fact everything that in the world under the umbrella of Judo has been studied up to now is quoted and analyzed. And this is how a large fresco of this variegated world of judo was born, an aesthetically beautiful, scientifically complex sport with an educational soul that shines through the most hidden corners of the world dojos “.

Who are the contents of these pages addressed to?
“Sports Judo is treated in its most intimate aspects, trying to make the difficult easy and trying to understand, explaining it, what champions do, who don’t need to read a book like that. But a book that will necessarily have to become their life partner, if they want to pursue a career as a coach after the competition “.

A huge job that started long ago, right?
“Yes, it is true and the only regret I have is that of not being able to share this joy with Dr. Matteo Pellicone, who first allowed me to publish the first edition of this text in the 1980s, then 201 pages, and who affectionately honored me with his preface in the second edition, the first in English of 353 pages ”.

One last reflection to conclude?
“Well, as you can see, time passes and the book grows, because the valuable works of many researchers who analyze the world of judo in its various cultural facets grow. And it is the passion, dedication and professionalism of these “many” that I think when it comes to Judo, which is also and above all doing for others “.

IJF.org: The Biomechanical Science of Judo – An IJF Academy Publication
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