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Shohei Ohtani won the “commissioner’s award for a historical fact”

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The season experienced by Shohei Ohtani is quite impressive. No need to remind you.

By hitting and throwing simultaneously like he did in 2021, he broke Babe Ruth records. He gave hope to young people who do not want to choose a role. He changed everything.

And that Rob Manfred knows.

This is the reason why Ohtani was presented with the “Commissioner’s Prize for a Historical Fact” by Rob Manfred himself.

What is interesting is that this distinction, given to a man or a group who had a major impact on sport, is not an annual award. It is the commissioner who decides when he wants to hand it over to a player or a personality

The last time such an award was presented was in 2014. Derek Jeter and Vin Scully had received the award within months of the end of Bud Selig’s reign as commissioner.

It had therefore been seven years since Rob Manfred had given the prize. Ohtani is a great choice for breaking the ice.

Note that this does not mean that he will win the title of MVP, but it does mean that he marked baseball in the eyes of Manfred.

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