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Running, archery and minivolley. The National Polisportivo Championship kicks off in Merine

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In the year of the restart, the Italian Sports Center of Lecce restarts its activities giving itself two ideal watchwords: young people and re-appropriation of public spaces. And it does so by re-tying the threads with the past and focusing on a model, the multi-sports, which has always been the strong point of the association.

In fact, the National Polisportivo Championship starts from the “Under 10” and “Under 12” categories, the first provincial stage of which is scheduled for today, Sunday 31 October at the park “Nelson Mandela” at Merine.

The young athletes, who participate in teams, will compete along a path based on four disciplines: the corsa on 60 meters and the launch of the vortex for athletics, shooting witharco and the minivolley for volleyball.

The other two stages of the championship will take place in the coming months, planned for the other categories of athletes. Meanwhile, the very young responded with enthusiasm, in fact, there are about a hundred enrollments, including those of school teams with an important contingent coming from the Comprehensive Institute of Lizzanello-Merine “C. De Giorgi “.

“Outdoor sports and re-appropriation of public space represent an essential combination for the CSI which has always cared about transmitting the best values ​​of sport to young people and of which Sunday is an emblem”, declared Marco Calogiuri, president of the Lecce committee as well as national vice president of the CSI.

The response of young people to Sunday’s tournament is part of a general picture of growing numbers explains Calogiuri: “The desire to Playing sports with CSI Lecce is growing, we are surpassing the record of affiliations and memberships never achieved before in the history of our committee in the province of Lecce: 130 affiliates and over 6000 members », he comments.

Today the day will start with the competitions at 9 am and will end at 1 pm with the awards ceremony. For each activity, the individual male and female ranking will be drawn up and the first three classified of each activity will be awarded.

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