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Roma: 1-6, Mourinho destroys his “substitutes”

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His reaction was expected following the sinking of AS Rome on the field of Bodo / Glimt (1-6) this Thursday in the Europa League Conference, and José Mourinho did not disappoint at all. Recognizing his “responsibility”, the Roman coach especially sent a strong tackle to his players of the day and in particular his second knives, after having achieved a slight turnover.

“It’s my responsibility. I did it with good intentions, to give opportunities to those who work hard and also to rest for some players. We lost against a team where the starters had more quality and were better. as our substitutes, it’s that simple. If I could use the same players in every game, I would, “admitted the Special One at the microphone of the Sky Italia channel.

“But it’s risky. There is a difference in quality between a group of 13-14 players and the others. I decided to make these changes knowing the limits of some. I knew it … but I did. ‘Was expecting a better answer. The good thing is that nobody will ask me why I play with the same players all the time. “

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