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“Riga” returns to the top of the Olympic team with the triumph of the Abu Dhabi “Masters” – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

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# “Riga” 3×3 basketball players, Agnis Čavars, Nauris Miezis, Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis and Edgars Krūmiņš, Abu Dhabi “Masters” overcame the quarterfinals on the second day, beating the Dutch team “Amsterdam”, but it was followed by a rather convincing victory in the semi-finals over the Belgian team “Antwerp.

# In the final “Riga” opponents were the Serbian team “Ub”, which in the principal duel of the Serbian team in the semi-final with 20:18 overtime “Liman”. “Ub” currently has a series of 14 victories in the World Tour tournament games, but this final game was a repetition of the Debrecen “Masters” final, in which “Ub” beat “Riga” with 21:19.

# “Ub” started the game better, taking the lead with 3: 1. After a minute and a half played, Krūmiņš equalized with a long shot. Then the battle went on point by point, with Majstorovich and Lasman exchanging successful shots. Thus, after three and a half minutes on the scoreboard, the result was a draw (8: 8).

# Barley was able to put forward “Riga” with a long shot, but shortly afterwards he realized a shot with a penalty. The penalty shot was not successful, thus not giving his team a two-point advantage. What Miezis did not do was Krūmiņš with a long shot (13:10). Until the middle of the game, “Riga” retained the lead, but everything could be decided by a couple of accurate shots.

# Four minutes before the end of the game time, Miroslav Pašajličs wasted the opportunity to equalize from the penalty line, but shortly afterwards Majstorovič did it with a long shot. Chavars immediately responded with the same, but Majstorovich made a far half shot. Miezim failed to restore a two-point lead until Ub leveled off. Chavars showed good fighting spirit under the basket, but took only one of the two free throws, not yet being able to pull out the victory. A moment later, Miezis put an end to the game and stopped the Ub victory series – 21:18.

# Thus, the Latvian Olympic champions, playing for the first time in the usual line-up since the Tokyo Olympics, have returned to the top, triumphing in the Abu Dhabi “Masters” tournament, as well as winning a cash prize of 40 thousand US dollars. Kārlis Pauls Lasmanis was recognized as the most valuable player of the tournament. There will be no time to celebrate for a long time, already The next “Masters” tournament will start on November 7 in the Mexican capital Mexico City, where “Riga” will fight for the victory in the overall standings before the final stage of the tour.

World tour in 3×3 basketball, Abu Dhabi Masters, final

“Riga” – “Ub” (Serbia) 21:18

“Riga”: Krūmiņš 6, Miezis 5, Lasmanis 5, Čavars 5
“Ub”: Majstorovičs 6, Stojačičs 6, Brankovičs 5, Pašajličs 1


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