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Real Madrid: Vinicius: a superstar is born

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The Classic left a global winner, Real Madrid, and another staff, Vinicius Junior. If the Camp Nou match required a proper name, the Brazilian gave his and signed the work as he likes, with spectacular actions watered by dribbling. An expansion of that Friends that generated doubts to one who, in a week, has become the ‘hottest’ footballer in LaLiga. His goal in Kiev and his fan of filigree against Barça speak of a player who fills the skeleton of his virtuous football with the marrow of the data that speak of an improvement at all levels …

Far is that Vinicius who had his peephole deviated in a worrying way. This season is the fifth in LaLiga that sends the most shots between the three sticks (12) and by effectiveness it is not far from Pichichi Benzema. Friends scores every 0.41 shots on goal; Karim, each 0.50. In fact, Vinicius has made his five goals with fewer shots than those needed by Raúl de Tomás (17), one of the killers of the championship, to achieve the same targets. It also improves the performance of the main Barça scorer, Memphis, who has invested 14 shots on goal for his four league goals.

Where the 20 madridista has no rival is in the Brazilian art of dribbling. His 29 successful dribbles leave the rest of the Primera players behind. With tangible effects. His wonderful action cutting Sergiño Dest and Mingueza stayed on the border of the penalty. Had Sánchez Martínez pointed out the fatal point would have been the second maximum penalty that the international canary strength in this League. They have never whistled more than one in his three previous years at Real Madrid and he has 29 more games left in the current championship. Ancelotti said it (“Vinicius has created danger every time, he is very good“) y Courtois (Friends hurts defenses “) just after finishing the Classic. If Benzema catalyzes the game up, Vinicius is the driving force behind Madrid in the last thirty meters. In Brazil they rub their hands. “Vinicius’s performance in El Clásico shows that the dribble is still alive”, expressed the tactical analyst Leonardo Miranda in Globe Sports.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

A lightning that goes to more

Goals, dribbles and generating chances (his was the key connection in Alaba’s 0-1 against Barcelona) while he also does everything at his usual top speed. If you blink, you miss it. According to statistical data managed by UEFA, He is the third fastest footballer in this Champions League, with a top speed of 38.5 km / h. They only beat him, and in the foto finish, with 38.6 km / h his compatriot Marco Antonio (Shakhtar) and Miranchuk (Atalanta). Nor does it economize on progressive effort. In Europe, only the tireless Alaba (29.6 kilometers in total) and Casemiro (29.5 kilometers) have traveled more distance than him (29.1 kilometers) in this edition.

Vinicius dribbles over Mingueza in a moment of the Classic.

Facts and figures that are piled up in the service sheet of this Vinicius in constant evolution. Also thanks to the confidence that Ancelotti confers in the imbalance that his pupil generates. Of that young 18-year-old attacker whom Lopetegui labeled as still lacking “cooking”, ratified by the barely 12 minutes in total that the Basque gave him in 14 games and the order to go down to Castilla, to 78.6% of the possible minutes he plays now with Carletto. The doubts that Zidane had (last season he gave him 58% of the minutes) and Solari’s dependence on that Vinicius who injured his knee in tears against Ajax have left free passage to this Friends that he has removed his doubts as if they were an old skin that prevented him from growing.

A growth that places him ahead of established stars in Europe and in his own team. What Neymar. The ten goals in which the madridista has participated (he scored seven and three assists) reveal the three in which he has intervened ney (only did one). Even so, Tite does not dare to loosen the chains with which he has tied Friends. Substitute in Brazil, supernova in LaLiga …

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