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Real Madrid: The Arribas-Aranda-Peter trident works magic, but does not knock down Bara

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El trident Arribas-Aranda-Peter did magic in the miniClsico, but he lacked hit to bring down Barcelona. Ral’s team He collected scoring chances with his three very inspired attackers, but they didn’t find their way to the goal. The Bara scratches a point After going from less to more, with the occasional arrival in the final stretch of the game that put fear in the body of his rival.

The claws of Castilla soon put an end to the calm that Bara wanted to impose at the beginning. The Catalans made the ball their own in the opening bars. Long possessions without any depth that did not disturb the whites, crouched without suffering while waiting for take out your offensive arsenal. And the moment came with a great tight shot from Aranda that sparked hostilities. An occasion that lit the wick of the magic trident of Castilla: Arribas, Peter and Aranda.

Ral’s three magnificent were a nightmare for the Bara’s defense. First Aranda grab the spotlights on the left, with a wonderful dribble and a shot that crashed into the side of the net. Later Arribas and Peter will join the party. The white 10 appeared between the lines to spice up the final meters. For its part, the extreme was very inspired by the overflow, closing the collection of Castilla chances in the first half with a spectacular play that ended with a shot that was brushing the squad.

Arbitration controversy

The Bara had disappeared before the white verticality and the quality of the trident Aranda-Arribas-Peter, who managed to intimidate the Catalans. No responsiveness Faced with the local push, leaving without conceding a goal at halftime was the best news for Sergi’s men. Madrid did it lamenting the lack of success and angry with the referee, who claimed a penalty by Jandro’s hand in the 16th minute that ignited the Di Stfano stands.

The refereeing tension was fueled because the match resumed with a controversy each of Peter in the area before Ndiaye who came to nothing. Immediately after, Jutgl gave the scare that Bara will resist and he was close to scoring in a header.

The controversy and the fright did not harm Madrid, which continued to exploit the gangs with Peter and Aranda. However, now I know that the Bara responds and arrived with danger. The entrance of Ez Abde gave offensive spark to the Catalans. The game took speed and danger in both directions. But the goal did not appear.


Real Madrid Castilla (0): Fuidias, Marn, Marvel, Gila, Miguel; Dotor (79 ‘, Theo), Blanco, Peter (67’, Marvin), Aranda; Arribas and Gudjohnsen (67 ‘, Latasa).

Barcelona B (0): Pea; Guillem, Comas, Mrmol, Sol (45 ‘, Ndiaye); Sanz, Jandro, De Vega (87 ‘, Matheus); Jutgl (83 ‘, Mortimer), Rodado (87’, Escobar) and Aranda (55 ‘, Ez Abde).

referee: Fernando Romn. Yellow to Sol (26), Miguel (52 ‘), Blanco (59’), Peter (65 ‘) and Aranda (82’)


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