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Real Madrid: Alaba, the boss who is coming

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El Real Madrid returns to the Bernabu and, except for Carlo’s wild rotation Ancelotti, the stands will have the opportunity to celebrate the presence on the lawn of David Alaba, one of the heroes of victory at the Camp Nou. The center-back could not choose a better rival or setting for his goalscoring baptism as a Madrid player, signed with a resounding left-handed that opened the triumph of his team in the lair of the Barcelona.

The truth is Alaba’s fit into Real Madrid could not have been more successful. The club and the footballer have fit together like a glove, and the ballot was not easy for either of them. The entity detaches itself to make room for Sergio Ramos, one of the most charismatic players in its modern history, and the player had to replace a malice from the stands and Referrer absolute of the wardrobe.

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The transition has been carried out with surprising naturalness. Alaba, who fled from the first day of comparisons with the previous white captain, is making his own way according to the most optimistic of forecasts. Installed as left-handed central after starting the course as a winger due to injuries to Mendy and Marcelo, its pair with Militao is achieving something that generated concern among Madrid fans, to reply on the field of play to the do Ramos-Varane.

With one goal and two assists in eleven games, more than appreciable figures for a defender, Alaba is imposing his football in both areas. His conductions or balls in depth have already become another resource for Madrid’s creative game. Back, he concedes little, mostly on the basis of placement and speed.

Beyond that, the former Bayern also begins to have rising among his peers. On several occasions he has been seen haranguing or encouraging his companions in situations of distress. Be especially aware of Militao, but he has no qualms when it comes to addressing colleagues with a long history at the club, such as Kroos O Benzema. The French, captain on the field, exercises a calmer leadership. Alaba has a more expansive and open character.

The Austrian made a risky decision by stepping out of the Bayern, his comfort zone despite the high demand of the German giant, to seek a new challenge in the It’s gray. At the moment, he seems to be enjoying the experience to the full.


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