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Real Cartagena, pushed by its audience, saved a point and continued in eighth | THE UNIVERSAL

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If there is a professional team that moves hearts in La Heroica, it is Real Cartagena, which with all the sadness it gives the fans is still the sports dish preferred by the vast majority of sports lovers in Cartagena and Bolívar. Read here: Fram Pacheco, a historical from Bolívar, and his love for Real Cartagena

The game between Real Cartagena and Atlético de Cali had raised great expectations, in the city groups there was a lot of talk about this commitment and it was not for less, since the Auriverde team had won three games and tied another in their last four presentations. And that, to tell the truth, motivates anyone.

The pupils of coach Steven Sánchez had a new mission, to enforce their home and ratify themselves in the group of eight.

But Atlético hit first, at 20 minutes, with a well-made counter attack that ended with a goal from Iván Ibáñez.

The 7,000 spectators who attended the stadium to see Real win could not believe it. The bar began to further encourage his soul team. You had to win yes or yes. But to the showers, the local left with a goal disadvantage.

In the complement, Real continued putting soul and heart, but he continued in the same: with little football and without approaching the visitor’s goal. The public began to despair as the minutes passed.

At 83 minutes, Sebastián Girado invented a play in the area and was knocked down for the referee to order a maximum penalty. Juan José Salcedo, Real’s historic scorer, was in charge of executing in a good way for the 1-1 and the fans celebrated the goal to rage.

With 19 points, Real remained eighth. Atlético, with the same units, but less goal difference, is ninth in the absence of a matchday.


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