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Rayo Vallecano – FC Barcelona: Koeman: “There is no solution for what happened to me the other day with the car”

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Ronald Koeman He lamented in the press room what happened during his departure from the Camp Nou on Clsico. Also, I anticipated that Ansu Fati is touched and that he has yet to decide what will be the strategy to follow with Ousmane Dembl if you refuse to renew with him Only.

What game do you expect?

“It is a team that has come up at the last moment, but that is having a great season so far. They are aggressive. We have the memory of the Cup match, in which we expect a difficult match. home, we have a chance of winning. “

Koeman analyzes the match against Rayo Vallecano

Incident with fans

“I don’t think there is a solution. For me it is a social problem. They are culs or people who have education problems. They do not know what the norms and values ​​are. The atmosphere in the field, even at 0-2, was everything. On the contrary. You don’t have to pay much attention to those people. With the video, with the recording … we already have here every day. It seems that it has only been with me, but you have to know that many players, with their families, The same thing has happened. It may have been more exaggerated to me, being responsible. Even Puyol has happened. You cannot leave the field like anyone else. You have to find a way. It is a social problem. “


“We are all concerned about injuries. We are trying to analyze the situation so that a player can improve. It may be that Pedri will be out for a little longer. We must be concerned in this regard. That is why we do not put a date on Dembl or on Pedri ni Araujo. We talk about it every day. We know exactly what there is. “

Dembl without playing

“The most important thing is that we want him to stay. It is important and has quality. The objective is to renew. Another thing is, if he does not want to renew, we have to talk as a club about the best way to deal with it. We have not talked about which yet. be our strategy if you don’t renew. “

Have you considered quitting?

“It is true that I do not like what happened when I was in the car, but I like more people who know. I am where I need to be and I want to enjoy myself. I know how this works. I want to enjoy. If it is 8 years, if it is 3 months, if it’s 1 year … no problem. “

Kun, holder

“It is not yet for 90 minutes, but it is to start a game or second parts. It is to have more game time, it’s true.”

Words of Ancelotti

“Having a bad time depends on whether you win or lose. In any category, the coach has pressure. In big teams, plus. Ancelotti, as an experienced coach, who has been in many big ones, knows what it is. He encouraged me because he knows what it is. what is this”.

Win out

“Being Bara, there is always a need to win away. We have to do it, we know it. We have to work hard, create opportunities and be effective. I think the team will be able to react well.”

Know the house

“It is an advantage, of course, but in the end they all ask us the same thing. It also depends on where you have been, how long you have been a coach. Also as a person, the character you have. I am not about to leave, I face things and I want to know where I am getting. “

Are you enjoying it?

“There are things you don’t like. I like being with the players, training, analyzing games, preparing games. Having a winning environment. Having respect for the players. Deciding things. That’s what I like. The other day I loved the game, not the result. The atmosphere. The first with that atmosphere. The game has been decided by details. We made merits to have another result. We need a bit of luck. These are things that I like. I enjoy this, I go calmly to play golf five days a week, which is also very nice. It is a complicated situation, but I think there is a future in this club. “

Demir and Riqui Puig

“Demir is young, who has had his minutes at the beginning. It is not easy to be at the level of a team like Barcelona. He is improving and has to wait for his opportunity. Riqui has a lot of competition.”

Uncertainty about your future

“There is much more tranquility for me, for the club. In the end, it all depends on the results. It is something normal, nothing unusual.”

Depay knows that he has to improve

Ansu Fati

“He has discomfort. It is still doubtful. We will decide tomorrow morning if he travels.”


“He is critical of himself. We try to improve things with him. See where on the field he can be better. He knows perfectly well that he has to improve.”

Koeman’s press conference recap

Who makes the final decision for me to play?

“I talk with the player, with the physios and doctors. A coach can never tell a doctor, if the doctor thinks he is not here to play, that he should play. The doctor always knows more than I do and I listen to him. If it is a final, You can always take a risk. It also depends on the type of injury. In the end, the doctor sends and depends on the age of the player. If he is a veteran, you can listen to him more. The young man always wants to be. “

Was it scared?

“Yes, there were people behind filming, which was for a documentary and there was also my wife. I have everything recorded. There was one with the Arsenal jersey. I was not scared. There was a moment when I said ‘I’m going out’ and he told me Better not. They’re recording you and expecting you to mess with them, so you have to be very formal. “


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