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Professional baseball Lotte Tetsuya Kokubo retired from active duty only this season | NHK Sports

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Professional baseball Lotte announced that Tetsuya Kokubo, who joined the team at the end of August in the middle of the season, will retire from active duty only this season.

Kokubo left Hiroshima for 13 years last year and was playing in the independent league Kumamoto, but joined Lotte on August 31st. He hit a home run against Orix on the 9th of last month, which was his first appearance.

However, after that, he did not play well, and in a total of 7 games, he hit only one home run with a batting average of 5 minutes and 6 hits.

Kokubo decided to retire after discussing with the team on the 29th.

36-year-old Kokubo joined Hiroshima in 2008 and demonstrated leadership as a player chairman in 2016, contributing to Hiroshima’s first league victory in 25 years.

In total, he participated in 712 games with a batting average of 20%, 5 minutes, 7 home runs, 19 home runs, and 155 RBIs.

Through the baseball team, Kokubo said, “I was able to come this far with the support of various people. It was a really happy professional baseball life. I couldn’t do this with my own strength.” I made a comment through.

Masaki Minami also retired

It was also announced that 32-year-old Masaki Minami will retire.

Pitcher Minami joined the team in 2nd place in the draft in 2011 and pitched mainly as a relief pitcher, but in 2018 he was diagnosed with the nationally designated intractable disease “ossification of the ligamentum flavum” and underwent surgery.

I returned to the 1st Army in August, but I didn’t pitch this season. He pitched 189 games in total with 11 wins and 8 losses, 36 holds, and an earned run average of 3.59.

Pitcher Minami said, “Thank you for your support for 11 years. I am very grateful to all the fans, coaches, coaches and players. Let me express my gratitude to the families who have supported me so far. From now on, I would like to be a person who can firmly support me. “

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