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PREVIEW: Only one undefeated can be left in Conference A

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The EBA League faces a new day with more than 60 matches throughout the Spanish geography and with one match highlighted above the rest. The only two undefeated in Conference A, Obradoiro Silleda and Porriño Baloncesto Base, will meet on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.


After six rounds in Conference A, they are not undefeated in Group AA and only two in AB, who meet on this round 7. A spectacular match between Obradoiro Silleda and Porriño Baloncesto Base, two different team concepts with the award of leading the ranking.

The Obradorio Silleda has the vocation of an ACB team quarry. A long squad with young people of tremendous talent like Sergi Huguet, Guillermo González or Santiago Paz helped by a somewhat more veteran player like Javier Cal or Nilo Barreiro. The Porriño Baloncesto Base is a club with people from the area that has rekindled after losing basic pieces such as Dani Vázquez, Jorge Cabaleiro or Víctor Alonso, which has led to a step in front of players like Javier Domínguez or Iker Besada.

With a balance of 6-0, the two teams go undefeated to the duel at the Municipal César González Fares de Silleda. Those from Porriño have suffered, but have emerged victorious in tight matches (against Usal La Antigua, Leclerc Caja Rural or Sogaleo Bosco Salesianos), while Obradoiro has won their matches on the fast track.

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