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PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Wednesday October 27 in Enghien: Equiano solo

by archysport

Arrival of the quinté : 3 – 4 – 12 – 14 – 13

Reserved for whole horses and geldings aged 6 to 9 inclusive, having not won € 235,000, the quinté du jour brought together sixteen competitors over the long distance of the 2,875 m at the Enghien racecourse. With a setback set at € 135,000, the vast majority of the peloton started from the first echelon likeEquiano (n ° 3). Winner at this level on October 1 on the Parisian ash before finishing third in the quinté on October 10 on this track, the resident of David Alexandre confirms his current great form and his understanding with his driver, Gabriele Gerlomini. On a good start, he lost company to his rivals at the start of the last turn before living on his lead to win the second quint of his career. He is clearly ahead of the favorite, Farinelli Paulois (n ° 4), author of a good effort in the final phase without however worrying the winner. Quickly well placed, Duke of Idea (n ° 2) lost the benefit of his efforts following a prank in the final phase, which allows Acadian jewel (n ° 12) to keep 3rd place ahead Emencourt Bléquin (n ° 14). The quinté is completed by another competitor from the second echelon, namely Eusebio d’Héripré (n ° 13), which clearly precedes Endo d’Azif (n ° 6) and Endo d’Azif (n ° 9), disappointing. To note that Dilemne Angela (n ° 7) and Meadow dolphin (n ° 10) were found to be at fault at the start of the course.

Kevin Romain indicated the quartet out of order.

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