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PETA wants to eliminate the word “bullpen”, deemed offensive to cows

by archysport

PETA (For an ethic in the treatment of animals, in French) has made people talk about its association today in connection with the world of baseball. How? ‘Or’ What? By applying to the MLB.

The association wants to change the name “bullpen” in the MLB (which means paddock as in the bullpen) because the name is considered offensive to cows.

This is not a joke.

Instead, she would like to see the term “arm barn,” which can be translated as the arm barn, be used to refer to the bullpen. A request has been made to this effect.

We know that in addition to the world of baseball, the term “bullpen” has a negative connotation on the way cows are treated.

Needless to say, the MLB does not mistreat cows in connection with the business of baseball, but that is not the point of demand.

Words matter.

The term “bullpen” takes away value from talented players and pokes fun at the misery of animals.

Tracy Reinman, vice president of the organization.

The MLB didn’t react to any of that… but the people who gravitate to baseball did. The idea was poorly received and new proposals resulted from it all.

Here is my favorite.

Either way, the chances of MLB changing the term are slim. And even if that were to change, people would continue to say “bullpen” just as many people still collect their free wings at La Cage aux Sports.

However, these days, free wings, there are not many …

Remember that this is not PETA’s first adventure with MLB and the world of baseball. When Randy Johnson accidentally killed a bird while throwing in 2001, the pitcher was charged with animal cruelty.

What do you say about this whole situation?

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