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Pau Gasol and Adri Arnaus met in person during the last Tokyo Olympics

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Pau Gasol and Adri Arnaus at the Real Club Valderrama. © Ten Golf

Pau Gasol has premiered today in a golf Pro-Am, and has done so in the Estrella Damm Andalucía Masters, forming a team with Luis Figo and with the professional Adri Arnaus at the controls during the first nine holes of Valderrama, and the Scot Robert McIntyre for seconds. The legendary pivot shows good manners and, taking into account that his stage in professional basketball has ended, it would not be surprising if in a short time he manages to substantially lower his current handicap 25.

Your relationship with Arnaus It comes from behind, but not from very far. They both met in person during the past Tokyo Olympics. As seems natural, given Gasol’s sporting size, it was Adri who approached Pau with the healthy intention of taking a selfie with the myth. It happened during the classic wait that occurs in the opening ceremony, while the delegates of the different countries wait their turn to jump into the sand, but what at first was just one more photo, one of many to which the Former Lakers gladly agreed, it was going to be transformed into a twenty-minute talk, in which, among other things, Gasol confessed to Arnaus his growing passion for the sport of fourteen suits …

One thing led to another and both athletes chatted several times at the Olympic Village, then forging a golf meeting for later, which ended up happening last September.

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