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Panama joins the day of the dead with limited edition tennis

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  • A success for brands is to add to their strategy of marketing special editions on national identity dates such as the Day of the Dead.

  • Panama launches a limited edition of 10,000 pairs to enhance the Mexican holiday.

  • Like Cerveza Victoria with its last campaign, Panama understands that traditions are a way of connecting more humanely with the consumer.

Panama flourishes with the ancient Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead and launches a limited edition of its “084” model, through two incredible designs inspired by the folklore of the season: Copal and Ofrenda.

With this strategy of marketing, the tennis brand founded in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, seeks to enhance the Mexican holiday that is characterized by being full of vibrant colors.

Every year the many Mexican families place offerings and altars decorated with marigold flowers, sugar skulls, papel picado, pan de muerto, incense and some dish that the deceased liked. Likewise, flowers, candles, and altars give souls a good path.

Taking up everything that Day of the Dead entails, Panama takes distinctive such as sugar skulls, the orange color of marigolds, the shades of papel picado to introduce them into its limited edition tennis shoes.

The launch of the limited edition model “084”

With a film that begins with a skull dedicated to death and Panama, they introduce us to the new edition:

“Death is modeling, Panama the new collection

contemplating with such grace that Mexico is always better “

The video shows the Mexican alternative rock group Los de Abajo and the emerging DJ Liiz Rodríguez, with the aim of raising the voices of two generations that converge through music and adding new ones. beats they generate a new version of the song Scars of this band.

The Day of the Dead collection comprises around 10,000 pairs, in the Ofrenda model there will be sizes from 22 to 26 and in Copal from 27 to 30. The distribution will be made around more than 200 stores in the Mexican Republic, as well as an online store in order to reach all urban style tennis lovers.

A date that no brand can miss in their marketing strategies

Undoubtedly, this movement of Panama with its limited editions is a success if we consider that throughout the month, offerings, skulls, bread of the dead and other products are a constant, which for brands translates into a great opportunity to connect with your audiences from a more human and social terrain. Another example, we have seen with Cerveza Victoria, who started with his campaign “The taste of reunion” with a cerveza de cempasúchil, which is already in points of sale.

With the campaign “The taste of reunion”, the brand moved Internet users and, on social networks, they shared their own nostalgic experiences and stories of the people they miss the most in this earthly life.

The matter goes beyond an issue of branding and is linked to consumption. A study by Kantar reveals that 86 percent of Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead from home and 76 percent would put up an altar.

As in each special edition, the brand seeks to highlight the quality of national fashion as in its garments and accessories, therefore, the versatile model that adapts to a local context and traditions, which tie and connect directly with the consumer identity.

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