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Osimhen transfer, Juve-OM exchange: Italian football investigates 62 transfers

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Covisoc alarm: Suspicious capital gains in Serie A clubs’ balance sheets“. That’s how The Republic titled his article, this Wednesday, which acts as a real bomb on the other side of the Alps. According to the general daily, the Vigilance Commission on Italian Football Clubs is investigating 62 transfers made between 2019 and 2021. A file moreover transmitted to the prosecutor of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). Explanations.

This investigation thus examines “exchanges or transfers with high costs, sometimes too much, without a single euro moving“, we can read in the article. Several specific examples are cited in this report. There would be in particular a dubious exchange between OM and Juve, with Marley Aké who had left Canebière to join Piedmont, and Franco Tongya invited to do the opposite. The value of the two players? Eight million euros according to the clubs concerned. The transfer of Victor Osimhen, who left LOSC to Napoli in the summer of 2020, is also closely analyzed.


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21 players traded for 90 million euros

Four Napoli players went to LOSC for 20 million euros. Three returned to Italy, two in Serie D, one in C, another is still in Lille without ever playing“, writes the Republic. In total, the final world of this transfer was around 80 million euros. Juventus Turin, which has notably made several exchanges in recent years (Arthur-Pjanic with Barça, Cancelo-Danilo with Manchester City), is concerned by this investigation. “The incriminated transfers are 42 in number, in particular 21 players exchanged for 90 million euros. Operations that actually circulated just over 3 million, producing profits of more than 40 million recorded in the balance sheet of Juve.”

Concretely, several clubs are accused of having inflated certain prices to arrange balance sheets not always in equilibrium, thus hoping to make up for sometimes very significant losses. The Vigilance Commission on Italian Football Clubs hopes so “denounce a system“.


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